Book by Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Body’

Louise Hay is a psychologist, psychosomatist, and author of self-help movement and books on healing the soul and body. Louise Hay is one of the authoritative specialists in psychosomatics. Her books sell millions of copies, are sold abroad, and are translated into dozens of languages. ‘Heal Your Body’ is one of the author’s most popular books.

Louise Hay’s Philosophy

Louise Hay promotes positive thinking. The author encourages people to love themselves and the world, accept themselves and the world with all their merits and flaws, rid themselves of pessimistic thinking and negative emotions. According to Louise, it is negativity, pessimism, and lack of love that cause psychosomatic diseases.

However, not everyone sees the difference between positive thinking and blind optimism. Let’s define the main difference:

  • Convincing yourself that everything is fine or that everything will work out on its own is optimism.
  • Acknowledging the problem, finding the cause, devising an action plan, and convincing yourself that you will cope is positive thinking. Optimism is often associated with self-deception and relying on higher powers. Positive thinking implies a person’s belief in themselves, self-love, and an adequate view of problems, accepting difficulties, and devising a plan to change their actions and thoughts. In the case of psychosomatic diseases, it’s necessary to understand what the body is saying through illness.

A person is the creator and master of their life. They are responsible for all victories and failures, for their happiness, success, health, harmony. By changing their attitude towards themselves and life, one can get rid of diseases forever, become happy and wealthy.

Louise Hay’s key philosophy points:

  1. Each person is responsible for their life experience.
  2. Every thought affects our future.
  3. The power of a person and life is in the present moment.
  4. Deep down, everyone is dissatisfied with themselves and suffers from guilt.
  5. Everyone secretly thinks: “I am not good enough”.
  6. But this is just a thought that can be changed.
  7. Resentment, condemnation, guilt – the worst that can happen to a person.
  8. Eliminating resentment helps even with cancer.
  9. Life flows smoothly when we love ourselves.
  10. For happiness and health, it’s necessary to let go of the past and forgive everyone.
  11. You must want to love yourself.
  12. Agreement with oneself and self-respect are the keys to a happy future.
  13. We owe every disease in the body only to ourselves.

Thus, it can be said that disease and dwelling on the negative past are the conscious choice of each person. One needs to allow oneself to be happy. Louise believes that thoughts are material, and the path to knowledge and change is always open. To heal, one needs to get rid of stereotypical thinking (“men don’t cry”, “there should be only one husband for life”, “girls don’t behave like that, etc.”) and forgive parents for childhood traumas. Probably, the parents themselves were sick or simply did not know how to act differently. But they certainly did not want to instill in the child the belief “I am bad, I am unworthy of love”. However, if this happened, only the child, becoming an adult, can get rid of it. This is their responsibility. One must sincerely want to forgive those people and give oneself what has been long missing.

Louise Hay adheres to this philosophy not without reason. She was able to heal herself from uterine cancer through the power of thought. The true cause of the disease lay in the psychologist’s childhood: at 5 years old, Louise was abused, and she was often beaten. It’s not surprising that the psyche’s protective reaction was to deny sexuality, not accept femininity. This and the resentment accumulated over the years turned into cancer of a female organ.

Important! Louise Hay does not call to refuse medical treatment. Psychosomatic diseases require comprehensive treatment (psychotherapy + medication or surgery), but without psychotherapy, medical treatment will not provide a lasting result. If Louise had not gotten rid of the resentment, the tumor would have returned again and again, and doctors would have cut it out over and over, leaving Louise fewer and fewer chances of survival.

Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Body’: Psychological Causes of Diseases and Metaphysical Ways of Overcoming

Them Louise Hay calls to abandon self-criticism and criticism altogether, replacing them with self-acceptance and love. Then life will naturally fall into place: diseases will disappear, potential will increase and unfold, stable work and good income will appear, personal life and relationships with family will improve. It is necessary to show understanding and kindness to oneself, to get rid of stereotypes and coercion. Living in harmony with oneself frees from all diseases.

Louise Hay compiled an extensive table of psychosomatic diseases, their causes, and ways to overcome them. According to the author, with the right affirmation, one can heal from any disease. Let’s look at some of the common problems:

DiseaseMental ProblemAffirmation
AsthmaInability to breathe deeply, live for oneself, express one's opinion.I can take life into my own hands. I choose freedom.
Sleep ProblemsGuilt, fears, distrust of life.I lovingly leave today and give myself to sleep. I know tomorrow will take care of itself.
Varicose VeinsWork fatigue, feeling cornered, being in an unclear situation.I love life and truth. I joyfully move forward, living freely.
HeadachesSelf-criticism, self-rejection, self-hate, fears.I am completely safe. I accept myself.
Intervertebral HerniaLoss of support, stability.I believe in myself, life supports me. Everything will be alright.
DiabetesChronic dissatisfaction, longing for the past, feeling of bitterness.Every moment is filled with joy. I start absorbing life right now.
Stomach DiseasesFear of change, inability to accept something.Life does not harm me. I constantly assimilate something new. All is well.
Female DiseasesRejection of femininity and sexuality.I am glad to be a woman. I love my body, I enjoy being a woman.
ConstipationStuck in the past, unable to let go of certain thoughts.I part with the past, something new and beneficial enters me. I let the flow of life pass through me.
ImpotenceGuilt, fear of mother, pressure from women.I allow my sexual power to act fully.
Lump in ThroatFear, distrust of the world.I am safe. I am free and can joyfully express myself.
LaryngitisAnger and fear caused by someone's pressure, preventing speaking.I am free in self-expression. I can ask for everything I want.
CallusesFixation on past pain.I free myself from the past. New thoughts are safe. I enjoy freedom and move forward.
IndigestionFear, anxiety, complaints, disagreement with something.I calmly accept and assimilate everything new that appears in my life.
ObesitySuppressed aggression, old resentment, need for safety and love.I love myself. I am safe. I take responsibility for my life.
PMSDenial of femininity, issues with men or mother.I am a strong and beautiful woman. I love myself. My body functions correctly. I control my mind and life.
CancerLong-standing resentment and hatred.I forgive myself and others.
Heart DiseasesInability to rejoice and enjoy.Joy. Joy. Joy. I joyfully let the flow of joy pass through my consciousness, body, life.
CrampsInternal tension, desire to hold on, grab something.I am relaxed and allow harmony to settle in me.
Acne (Pimples)Self-rejection, disagreement with oneself.I love and accept myself at all times and in any state.
FrigidityFear of men, complexes, stereotypes, and beliefs.Enjoying sex and the body is normal. I am glad to be a woman.
Chronic DiseasesNeed for safety, fear of change, fear of the future.I want and allow myself to grow, change. I create a new future myself.
CystitisSuppressed anger, anxiety, fear of freedom.I part with the past and accept everything new. I am safe.
EczemaNo one and nothing threatens me.I live in harmony with the world.
UlcerFear, feeling of inadequacy and deficiency.I love and accept myself. I am calm, nothing eats away at me.

The book ‘Heal Your Body’ presents dozens of diseases, their causes, and methods of overcoming. It is not possible to describe everything within an article. The entire list of diseases can be found in the original source.

Description of the Book ‘Heal Your Body’

In this book, you won’t find medical advice or folk medicine recipes – Louise Hay doesn’t advocate self-treatment. Instead, you’ll find numerous psychological tips that help to shift thinking to positivity, maintain mood and well-being at the right level, and become happy and wealthy.

The book is written as a practical guide, a step-by-step instruction, which heals psychosomatic diseases. If you follow all the advice, dissect the book in stages, you can completely change your life and cure all diseases. Louise recommends dedicating a minimum of 2-3 days to each chapter, rereading chapters, and repeating exercises. Each chapter starts with an affirmation and ends with a meditation. This requires special attention.

In the book, you can find affirmations for every part of the body, every organ. The author thoroughly examines popular problems, their causes, and healing methods. Special attention is given to developing self-love, self-acceptance. Louise offers exercises and practical advice. They are divided into groups: communicating with the inner child and developing love for it, searching and knowing one’s ‘self’, accepting maturing and aging, etc. Healing the inner child, Louise Hay suggests starting with forgiving parents, revisiting the past, present, and future. The author dissects the entire life cycle and possible difficulties at each stage.

Louise Hay lived a long life, died at 90 of natural causes. Her books have healed and continue to heal people around the world. According to reviews, readers are captivated by the ease of presentation, accessibility, and simplicity of conveying serious and complex truths. Readers note that reading the book is like a conversation between two friends, conveying the author’s warmth and love. Also appealing is Louise’s openness about her personal difficulties and ways of overcoming them. The book ‘Heal Your Body’ truly helps to understand the subconscious, cleanse the soul, and change one’s worldview.

Important! The book teaches wisdom, honesty, creative self-realization. It helps to unlock and expand the reader’s inner potential, improve relationships at work and home, find new sources of income, and increase it. Louise Hay urges: ‘Heal your life with love and the power of thought!’.

All books by author Louise Hay

‘Heal Your Body’ is one of Louise Hay’s popular works. But in total, Louise wrote more than 32 books:

  1. “Create Your Future: How to Use the Power of Thought to Change Destiny”
  2. “Miracles of Our Days”
  3. “All Will Be Well”
  4. “You Are Awaiting Only Good. Believe in Yourself and Your Strength”
  5. “Heal Your Heart”
  6. “Love Yourself as a Path to Health”
  7. “The Language of Flirting and Seduction”
  8. “Heal Your Life”
  9. “Manage Your Destiny”
  10. “Become Happy in 21 Days: The Most Complete Course in Self-Love”
  11. “Life Loves You”
  12. “I Can Do It”
  13. “Invigorating Gratitude”
  14. “Letters to Louise from Around the World: Find the Answers in Yourself”
  15. “Heal Your Body with Love”
  16. “The Healing Power of Thought”
  17. “The Book of Women’s Happiness: Everything I Dream Of”
  18. “The Big Book of Wealth and Happiness”
  19. “Inner Wisdom”
  20. “Heal Your Consciousness: Universal Recipes for Mental Balance”
  21. “Heartfelt Thoughts”
  22. “Women’s Wisdom”
  23. “The Big Book of Fulfilling Desires”
  24. “Inspiring Mind Healing”
  25. “The Big Book of Changes for the Better”
  26. “Live Positively: Living Affirmations and Helpful Exercises”
  27. “On the Wave of Health: Two Best Books on Healing”
  28. “Inspiring Body Healing”
  29. “The Big Book of Health and Joy”
  30. “Happy Colors and Numbers”
  31. “Inspiring Soul Healing”
  32. “Tune Into a Healthy Life”

To better understand the author’s philosophy, reinforce the knowledge gained, and significantly change life for the better, it is recommended to read the entire series of books. Despite similar titles and themes, the books contain different techniques and methods for restoring health.

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