Psychosomatics – Lung Diseases Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics – Lung Diseases
The list of lung diseases includes many types, but we will focus on the most common ones (this does not
Psychosomatics of Thrush Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics of Thrush
Psychosomatics of Thrush Inflammatory fungal infection of mucous membranes is called candidiasis (more
Psychosomatics of Painful Menstruation Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics of Painful Menstruation
One of the common female ailments is painful menstruation. Considering that this is not inherent in the
Psychosomatics of Appendicitis Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics of Appendicitis
So, the appendix (the inflammation of which is called appendicitis) is a blind-ended offshoot of the cecum.
Psychosomatics of Panic Attacks Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics of Panic Attacks
A panic attack is a spontaneously occurring intense anxiety or fear. It is one of the symptoms of obsessive-phobic
Psychosomatics – itching and urticaria Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics – itching and urticaria
Psychosomatics – Itch and Hives. This unpleasant sensation arises from the irritation of the skin’
Psychosomatic Aspects of Bronchial Asthma Psychosomatic
Psychosomatic Aspects of Bronchial Asthma
Bronchial asthma is diagnosed as a psychosomatic illness in 30% of cases. The psychosomatic nature of