Healing According to Lise Bourbeau’s Theory. Your Body Says: Love Yourself

Psychosomatics is a branch of psychology that studies the psychological causes and prerequisites of diseases. Currently, there is no single psychosomatic theory, so the interpretation of the causes of the same disease may differ depending on the author. But all psychologists agree on one thing: psychosomatics is the result of a person’s lack of love for themselves, not accepting their body and soul. One of the authors promoting love, positivity, and self-acceptance is Lise Bourbeau.

Who is Lise Bourbeau

A Canadian philosopher, psychologist, teacher, founder of a personal development center, author of books, seminar and training leader, and educator. Lise helps people unlock their potential, realize the purpose and meaning of their lives. She aids in the journey towards self-development and happiness.

Lise began her work with selfless assistance to all comers. She helped understand the reasons and consequences of dissatisfaction with life. She taught how to listen to and understand the body, read it through illnesses and ailments. She paid particular attention to the relationship between health and nutrition.

Currently, Lise continues to study psychology and psychosomatics. She still assists people in self-acceptance and developing love for themselves. In her school, she shares knowledge with other teachers. Besides, Lise continues to publish books. Each of her works has been translated into several world languages. Her books sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

Important! The purpose of Lise Bourbeau’s life and activities is to help people find harmony with themselves and the world, to know themselves, and to preserve and improve their health.

Healing Model According to Lise Bourbeau’s Theory

Lise Bourbeau’s psychosomatics is simple: all human problems arise against the backdrop of a lack of meaning and purpose in life, denial of the principles of the Universe, and negative thinking. However, each person controls their own life. By changing the way of thinking, one can heal from any disease.

Healing model according to Lise Bourbeau:

  1. Understanding what hurts and why, when symptoms appeared, and what they are related to. Analyzing behavior.
  2. Reinterpreting the situation, understanding complexes and fears, answering the question, “why was I given this illness?”
  3. Getting rid of past grievances, living in the present, behavior correction.
  4. Liberation, living in harmony with oneself. The person understands their needs, understands and accepts themselves, knows who they are, and the meaning of their life.

Important! While promoting the psychosomatics of diseases, Lise Bourbeau does not call for abandoning medical treatment. Working with consciousness should be an additional, significant, but not the only component of healing.

Daily Work on Oneself

Correction of consciousness and self-awareness is a lengthy process that requires daily comprehensive work on oneself. Everything is important: full sleep, proper nutrition, rest and physical activity, mental self-improvement. It’s not a temporary diet or treatment, it’s a restructuring of the entire lifestyle. Over time, working on oneself will not be felt, it will become a natural and continuous process of personal development. It will turn into a main need.

How to Heal Independently

To heal, one needs to change internal settings and stereotypes of behavior. It’s necessary to find harmony with oneself and the world, recognize the incorrectness of the previous path. One must get rid of everything that harms health. To become healthy and whole, one needs to develop a healthy self-perception, build healthy relationships, and give way to healthy thoughts. Affirmations can help in this.

Affirmations According to Lise Bourbeau’s Method

Affirmations are positive settings based on self-suggestion. An example of an affirmation: “I want to break the stereotype that led me to illness.” But an affirmation won’t work if you don’t believe in it, don’t assist with other methods, and aren’t striving for healing.

Lise Bourbeau’s Disease Table

Lise is known not only for her books and philosophy but also for her extensive table of psychosomatic diseases. The full table can be found in her book “Your Body Says: Love Yourself!” (Lise Bourbeau).

How to Work with Bourbeau’s Table

Before starting treatment, you need to forgive yourself and then proceed with the treatment. How to forgive yourself:

  1. Identify all emotions, feelings, and experiences. Understand what you blame yourself and others for.
  2. Realize your choice and responsibility. Only you decide whether to fear or accept yourself and others. What are you afraid of? Perhaps being accused of what you blame others for?
  3. Put yourself in another person’s place, understand them, relieve tension.

Disease is a reflection of psychological imbalance. It attracts and draws attention to negative thoughts and emotions. Each psychological problem corresponds to its disease and organ. The table indicates the psychosomatic and physical meaning of the ailment, possible causes, and methods of fighting it. Methods of fighting are divided into four groups (blocks): mental, spiritual, physical, emotional. For complete healing, one must recognize the presence of negative emotions and take responsibility for their life.

Let’s look more closely at the blocks and their meaning:

  1. Mental. You need to understand what fears block the process of self-realization. Ask yourself: what bad will happen if I become who I want to be?
  2. Spiritual. You need to identify true deep needs. Ask how your destiny will change if all desires are fulfilled.
  3. Physical. You must understand your body, enter the situation. For this, you need to detail the sensations, give them names.
  4. Emotional. Helps understand suppressed desires. Make a list of what the disease prevents you from doing and what it forces you to do. What is now impossible to do – this is usually contrary to your essence. What is now possible to do – suppressed emotions and desires.

For healing, you need to find rational ways to satisfy needs and desires.

Books by Lise Bourbeau

Lise Bourbeau has written over 20 books:

  1. “The Five Wounds that Prevent You from Being Yourself”
  2. “Listen to Your Body – Your Best Friend on Earth”
  3. “Your Body Says: Love Yourself!”
  4. “Love, Love, Love. On Various Ways to Improve Relationships, Accept Others and Yourself”
  5. “Listen to Your Body Again and Again”
  6. “Healing the Five Wounds”
  7. “Who Are You?”
  8. “Fears and Beliefs”
  9. “Money and Abundance”
  10. “Listen to Your Body and Eat. The Five Wounds, Emotions, and Weight”
  11. “Responsibility, Commitment, Guilt”
  12. “Sensuality and Sexuality”
  13. “Intimate Relationships”
  14. “I Am God? Wow!”
  15. “Emotions, Feelings, and Forgiveness”
  16. “Listen and Eat. No More Control!”
  17. “Parent-Child Relationships”
  18. “Year of Awareness”
  19. “The Great Encyclopedia of Essence”
  20. “We and Our Parents, We and Our Children”
  21. “A Guide to Inner Strength. Tools for Self-Knowledge and Self-Healing”

One of her most popular works is “Your Body Says: Love Yourself!” which we will examine in more detail.

How to Best Use This Book

The book is written in the form of an alphabetical medical guide. It lists over 500 common diseases of various systems and organs. Each organ and disease is examined from the point of view of physiology (function, structure, working principle, etc.) and psychology (mental significance, functions, causes of ailments, treatment methods). The guide is best used as a reference book, a practical guide for healing the soul and body.

Metaphysical Meaning of Diseases and Ailments

Metaphysics helps understand the connection between disease and psychology. For example, an abscess (accumulation of pus) indicates the accumulation of negative emotions, particularly repressed anger and guilt. The location of the abscess points to the life area that requires correction. For instance, an abscess on the legs indicates dissatisfaction with the direction of life, a reluctance to move into the expected future.

Allergies – increased sensitivity to a substance (according to physiology). In psychology, it’s an aversion to a person or situation, etc. This principle of the body-soul connection is relevant for any disease.

Additional Explanations of Diseases and Ailments Described in This Book

The complete list of Lise Bourbeau’s diseases and their metaphysics can be found in the book. Additionally, the book provides further explanations of ailments. You will find answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the significance of congenital, hereditary diseases?
  2. Why do epidemics happen, people die from the same thing? Is a common lesson needed?
  3. Why do diseases often occur at a specific age, and corresponding attitudes form in childhood?
  4. Can one be cured without understanding the true cause of the disease?
  5. Why do some people get mild illnesses, and others deadly and severe ones?
  6. How do inflammatory diseases (all that have names ending in -itis) differ from other illnesses?

Letting Go of the Old to Make Room for the New

You can’t just replace one set of beliefs with another. First, you need to get rid of destructive obsessive thoughts, understand their irrationality. Only then can you start life from a clean slate. You need to forgive yourself, let go of the past, and start building a new conscious future.

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