HIV and its Psychosomatics

HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a precursor for the development of AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). AIDS is considered a consequence of HIV. The syndrome of immunodeficiency manifests as a critical decrease in overall immunity. The human body becomes incapable of fighting other diseases. This becomes the cause of death in AIDS. The predisposition to HIV, as well as the development period of AIDS, depends on the psychosomatic features of the individual.

Psychosomatics of Sexual Infections

HIV is an infectious disease, transmitted sexually and through blood. The main cause of sexual infections is the guilt associated with sex. Intimacy is perceived as something sinful. Such an attitude may stem from parental instructions and strict family upbringing, negative personal experiences, or psychological traumas. A person feels unworthy, sinful, and subconsciously seeks punishment.

The second most common cause of sexual infections is the rejection of one’s sexuality or gender identity disorder. In such cases, a self-destruction mindset is formed.

HIV affects those who do not love themselves, do not accept their body and appearance. Most likely, such an attitude is inherited from the mother or father. This scenario is observed in families where parents, or one of them, told the child that they are unattractive, or expressed a preference for a child of a different gender.

Other possible causes of sexual infections and AIDS:

  • Mother’s promiscuous sexual life;
  • Fear and thoughts about unplanned pregnancy;
  • Hypochondria;
  • Avoidance of sexual relations (can be a defense mechanism after rape or a distorted form of exiting relationships);
  • Guilt towards a specific person or oneself;
  • Shyness as a character trait (the illness rationalizes the constant feeling of shame);
  • Doubts about the sexual partner;
  • Identity disorder (inability to answer “who am I?” and “what am I?”);
  • Inability to say “no,” defend one’s interests.

Important! A new psychosomatic cause of HIV has been recently identified. Unwanted children, whose parents considered abortion, often suffer from self-rejection, and as a consequence, from HIV.

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