Louise Hay’s Psychosomatics

Louise Hay’s name is familiar to many people, even those not interested in psychosomatics (a branch of psychology concerning the connection between body and soul). Among those who care for their body and consciousness, Louise Hay’s philosophy is especially revered. The author is respected, her opinions are heeded, and her books are widely read.

Who is Louise Hay?

Louise Hay is a psychologist, teacher, and founder of the self-help movement. Though she doesn’t have a medical degree, her life experience, inner wisdom, and knowledge have helped hundreds of thousands of people heal. Her book “You Can Heal Your Life” has been translated into 30 languages, distributed in 33 countries, and has sold a combined total of 50 million copies. The demand for the book continues to grow each year.

Louise turned to psychosomatics after facing uterine cancer. She realized that without a change in thinking, she could not beat the disease. She delved into her subconscious (self-analysis, working with a psychologist, coach) and discovered that the true cause of her illness was negative thinking, old psychological traumas, and grudges.

At the age of five, Louise was raped, and her childhood was filled with authoritarianism, punishments, beatings, and humiliations. It’s not surprising that she developed a “I am unworthy” mindset and an aversion to the female body. It was this self-rejection, self-hatred, and old grudge that caused her cancer. Louise devoured herself from within. With the power of thought, she managed to overcome the disease and thereafter devoted herself even more to studying psychosomatic problems, helping other people. Today, Louise Hay’s disease psychology is known worldwide.

What Louise Hay Writes About Psychosomatics

According to Louise Hay’s psychosomatics, the basis of every illness is an intrapersonal conflict. Without resolving it, diseases will keep returning. Louise spent decades studying health problems and their causes, and as a result, compiled an extensive table of psychosomatic diseases. It presents a description of the psychosomatics of diseases: the causes and treatment methods of nearly all known diseases.

Louise Hay’s Table of Psychological Causes of Diseases

The complete table of diseases can be found in the book “Heal Yourself”. In our article, let’s look at some of the most common diseases.

What you will find in the table:

  • Names of diseases in alphabetical order;
  • Emotions – causes of diseases;
  • Affirmations that help change thinking.

Thus, Louise Hay’s psychosomatics (table of diseases):

Disease/OrganPsychological Cause/MeaningAffirmation
AbscessObsessive thought of revenge, lingering offenseI let go of the past, free my thoughts. My soul is at peace.
Alcoholism Self-rejection, guiltI live in the present, each day brings joy and something new. I appreciate, love, and support myself.
AllergyIntolerance to someone or somethingI live in peace with life, no danger threatens me.
ApathyRepressed fear, resistance to the worldI am ready to go through all of life's difficulties. Every feeling deserves expression.
Hip DisordersLack of life purpose and meaning, fear of moving forwardI am stable. I move forward joyfully and easily.
PainChronic guilt, need for punishmentI am now free and calm. I joyfully let go of the past.
WartsInferiority complex, self-hatred I am beautiful and harmonious. I love myself.
BulimiaFear, hatred, hopelessness, need for love combined with repressed aggressionIt is safe to live. Life loves and supports me.
Ingrown ToenailAnxiety, fear, guilt associated with your growth and advancement I am free and have the right to choose my life's direction. Nothing threatens me.
Viral InfectionsJoylessness of lifeI embrace joy, allowing it to flow through me.
MiscarriageFear of the futureI love and value myself. Everything that happens in life is valuable and beneficial.
GastritisFeeling of doom and uncertainty, inability to digest somethingIt is safe to live. I love and accept myself.
HemorrhoidsAnger and other repressed emotions, fear of separation, fear of not being on timeI am free to do what I want. I let go of everything but love.
Herpes SimplexRepressed bitterness, desire to commit bad deedsI live in peace and love.
Eye DiseasesUnwillingness to look at what surrounds youI create my life. Now I enjoy looking at it.
StomachFear of the new, inability to digest somethingI assimilate and digest everything.
StutteringProhibition on self-expression and release of feelings, uncertaintyI can express my opinion, stand up for myself.
Fluid RetentionFear of losing something I easily and joyfully let go of this.
Bad BreathObsessive past, repressed anger, thoughts of revengeNow only love lives in me. I let go of the past.
Dental DiseasesIndecisiveness, inability to analyze a situationEverything that happens in my life is right. My decisions are based on truth.
Spinal CurvatureLack of life support, fear of self-expression, suppression of emotions, chronic dissatisfactionI know life helps me. I am free from fear. I have a straight and proud posture.
HeartburnFear I trust myself and life, I am safe. I breathe deeply.
CoughSubconscious cry for help, desire to declare oneself, express one's opinionI am valued, loved, and respected.
Cyst Old grudgesI love and accept myself. All is well with me.
SkinConflicts with society, attack on individualityI am calm. I can be myself.
Knee DisordersFear, pride, stubbornness, rigidityI forgive, accept myself and other people.
Colic Irritation, dissatisfaction with something or someoneNow I respond only to love and tenderness.
Blood: Low PressureLack of love, conviction of own worthlessnessI live a life full of joy.
Lung DiseasesInability or difficulty breathing deeplyI accept life in all its manifestations.
MigraineDissatisfaction with life, resistance to coercionI trust life. It will provide me with everything I need.
ThrushAnger at oneself for old mistakesIt is safe to live. I can always change my decision. I lovingly accept my decisions.
Urinary Tract: InfectionAnger at a sexual partner, blaming themI love and accept myself, I want to change. I refuse the old thinking stereotype.
Runny NoseSilent signal for help, attempt for sadness and crying to come outI can express all emotions, I comfort myself as I want.
NeuralgiaSelf-punishment for sins, difficulty in communication I like to communicate. I forgive, love, and accept myself.
AccidentsOpposition reaction combined with inability to stand up for oneselfI value and love myself. My soul is at peace.
FaintingFears, feelings of inadequacy and insolvencyI am in control of my life.
ChillDesire to withdraw into oneself, isolate from societyI live in love and safety.
NumbnessSuppression of respect and love, dying of emotionsI accept love and share it.
Rounded ShouldersFeeling of helplessness, burden of life's problemsI love and accept myself. I have a straight posture. My life is getting better every day.
DiarrheaDesire to get rid of something, escapeI live in harmony with the world. I have no problems with absorption and excretion.
CutsSelf-punishment for breaking internal rules I create my life. I deserve encouragement.
SprainsInternal resistance to the chosen life trajectoryI am calm, as I know life wishes me well.
Rheumatic ArthritisFatigue from pressure and obligationsI am strong. I love and accept myself. My life is beautiful.
SpasmsObsessive thoughts and fearsAll is well with me. I am relaxed.
AIDSSelf-rejection, belief in one's own worthlessness, feelings of helplessness and uselessness. I have all the necessary abilities and skills. I am valuable. Life loves me.
Tic, ConvulsionsFear, dependence on others' opinions, feeling of external observationIt is safe to live. I accept my life, and it accepts me.
FatigueUnloved work, boredomI am full of energy and enthusiasm.
Fibrocystic DegenerationSelf-pity, pessimistic view of the future I breathe deeply. Life and I love each other.
Cholesterol (high)Inability to enjoy and take pleasureI embrace joy, love life. It is safe to live.
SnoringInability to let go of habitual thought and action stereotypesI say goodbye to the bad past. I am open to the joyful and new.
ScratchesFeeling that life is robbing youI am grateful to life for its generosity.
CelluliteAnger and self punishment I love life and enjoy it. I forgive others and myself.
NeckSymbolizes psychological flexibility, ability to consider a situation from all sidesI am in good relations with life, I see multiple paths of development.
TinnitusStubbornness, arguments with the inner voiceI trust my inner voice and listen to it. It wishes me well.
EpilepsyUnwillingness to live, feeling of constant struggle and persecutionMy life is eternal and joyful.
ButtocksSymbolize inner strength. Flabbiness indicates weaknessI am a strong person, but I use my strength wisely.
OvariesAnalogous to creative centersI am balanced, I create.

Louise Hay’s Psychological Reasons for Diseases: 101 Thoughts Carrying Power

Destructive thinking patterns are formed under the influence of personal negative experiences. Knowing the emotional causes of a disease, one can change their consciousness. This principle underlies Louise Hay’s table.

You might be surprised, but all problems and ailments from allergies and eczema to cancer arise against a background of destructive thoughts. For example, relationship problems lead to cystitis, and old grudges provoke the development of cancer; allergies are a sign of aversion to someone or something. Even injuries and wounds are not accidental. Any attack on health is the result of a destructive mindset. Everything in your life is attracted by yourself.

It’s important! Love yourself, and then the emerging inner wisdom will guide how to live further. The power is initially within us; we just need to want to be happy and allow ourselves to be happy.

How to Heal Yourself: Recommendations by Louise Hay

The main healing tool according to Louise Hay is affirmations. These are positive statements for self-suggestion. For them to work, it’s important to believe in their power, correctly compose the statement, and correctly identify the emotion–cause of the disease.

Healing Affirmations

Hay’s healing affirmations will guide you on how to love yourself and change your life. You just need to diligently analyze the essence of what is said. Louise has affirmations for all spheres of life and for all cases. Here is an example of an affirmation for happiness: “I feel happy and joyful at any moment of my life.” Examples of affirmations for specific ailments can be found in the disease table.

In her books, you can find hundreds of affirmations, but you can also create your unique statements. This is even better, as each person is unique. Just remember the main principles:

  • Statements should be in the present tense;
  • It’s better to compose short affirmations up to 5 words;
  • It’s better to avoid negations (not, no, never). It should be a clear and simple first-person statement in the present tense. Repeat the affirmation at least twice a day (morning and evening).

Best Books by Louise Hay

Each of Louise’s books has psychological and medical value; Hay wrote more than 30 books in her lifetime. But some of her works are particularly in demand.

  1. “Heal Your Body.” The book helps to get rid of childhood traumas, forgive the inner child and parents, change the course of thoughts. Positive thinking, love, and acceptance are what this book teaches. According to reviews, the book is an easy read. For many, it has become like a pocket guide, emergency aid. You can reread the book again and again.
  2. “You Can Heal Your Life.” Like the previous work, the book helps get rid of old thinking patterns. The book contains affirmations and meditations for any life situation. The techniques and exercises in the book are like psychological training.
  3. “21 Days to Master Affirmations.” This book not only provides useful advice and practical recommendations but also helps to organize the work in stages and achieve the goal in just three weeks. Work with affirmations is supplemented by work with mirrors. The book helps to get rid of fear, grievances, negativity; increase self-esteem; reveal creative potential. And that’s not all.
  4. “Life Loves You.” The title of the book is both an affirmation and a reflection of one of the main laws of the universe. Life will help you if you love it and yourself. The book contains the best advice, practices, affirmations, meditations, and exercises. It also includes interesting stories of real people.

Interesting! Unfortunately, Louise will not write more new books, as in 2017 the writer passed away. Louise lived for 90 years, left the world naturally in her sleep. Theoretical and practical study of psychosomatics helped her to let go of the ghosts of the past, to live a long and happy life.

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