Mental Causes of Various Diseases

The connection between soul and body was emphasized by Aristotle. Today, it is well-known: all diseases arise from a nervous basis. Three mental causes of diseases can be identified: lack of purpose and meaning in life, ignoring the laws of the Universe, and lack of self-love and negative thinking.

Mental Causes of Various Diseases

Explaining diseases at a mental level does not exclude their medical basis. Psychosomatic diseases are real, not imaginary, and therefore require comprehensive treatment: medication therapy and mental therapy for recovery from serious illness.

Let’s briefly consider the main mental causes of diseases: right and left side of the body, front and back, top and bottom.

Right Side

The right side of the body is responsible for feminine energy (regardless of gender). Any distortions on the right indicate problems in relationships with the mother. Let’s consider popular psychosomatic aspects:

  • Underdeveloped side – problems in relationships with women (mother, sister, wife);
  • Strongly developed side – strong feminine principle, spirit of motherhood;
  • Drooping right shoulder, growths on it – lack of maternal love and acceptance, denial of your feelings;
  • Hump on the right shoulder – feeling of guilt towards the mother (woman);
  • Drooping right side of the pelvis – material or life difficulties of the mother (significant woman) weigh heavily on your soul.

Left Side

The left side is responsible for the masculine principle. Let’s look at psychosomatics in more detail:

  • Strong left side – good relationships with the father (significant man);
  • Any problems on the left, including weakness – unresolved conflicts with the father (husband, brother, etc.), unreleased grievances and stresses associated with him.

Each person has both feminine and masculine principles, internal images of mother and father. Sometimes these images and forces can contradict each other, resulting in pains on both sides of the body.

Front Side

The front of the body is responsible for feelings. Any problems on this side indicate suppressed emotions and accumulated negativity.

Back Side

The back of the body is responsible for will and reason. Problems with this part indicate that someone or something suppresses your energy, prevents you from reaching your goals and satisfying your needs. The spine is a symbol of support and life principles.


The upper part of the body is responsible for moving forward, the future. Pain in the shoulders, head indicates fear of the future, inability to grow and develop. And throat pain is an indicator of the inability to express your opinion, which also hinders progress.


The legs are responsible for the energy of the past and partly the future. What this means: pain in the lower extremities indicates fear and reluctance to move forward, which simultaneously evidences fixation on the past.

Interesting Fact! Our body and brain are connected by amazing logic. If you become more observant, you will understand psychosomatics faster. Remember how shoulders drop when we are upset or tired. Such deformation also occurs with chronic life fatigue. Or remember how we say “I’m sick of this”, “my head hurts because of you”, “my legs won’t go there”, etc. All the answers are initially within us.

People Most Susceptible to Psychosomatics

Psychosomatic illnesses arise against a background of stress. All people experience stress, some more, some less. Thus, everyone is susceptible to psychosomatics. However, certain personality traits can reduce stress resilience and place a person in a more vulnerable risk group.

These characteristics include:

  • Introversion;
  • Secretiveness;
  • Inability to express emotions, including due to alexithymia;
  • Inability to love (accept and express feelings);
  • Anger;
  • Irritability;
  • Aggressiveness;
  • Vengefulness;
  • Touchiness;
  • Grudge-holding;
  • Pessimism;
  • Negative thinking;
  • Suspiciousness;
  • Dependence on others’ opinions;
  • Vulnerability;
  • External locus of control;
  • Need for total control;
  • Jealousy;
  • Greed;
  • Envy;
  • Anxiety;
  • Underdeveloped sense of humor;
  • Excessive demands, expectations;
  • Dwelling on the past;
  • Low self-esteem;
  • Chronic guilt;
  • Inferiority complex;
  • Indecisiveness;
  • Staying in the comfort zone;
  • Fear of change.

People in the risk group constantly suppress their emotions and desires, live for others, fearing to upset or anger them, and work in unloved jobs. They are overly sensitive and hyper-responsible individuals who take everything personally and to heart. Often, they try to please everyone and be liked by all. They are set on destructive behavior, and negative thinking has become their habit. The common trait and root cause of such behavior is an unsatisfied need for love and acceptance.

Diseases and Their Psychological Premises

Illness is an indicator of the internal distress of a personality, the lack of harmony of a person with themselves and the world. It reflects accumulated negativity: fears, contradictions, complexes. Any health problems are the result of the behavior and thinking of the person themselves. We attract problems ourselves, and only we are responsible for our well-being and ill-being. Through diseases, the body tries to protect us from our own destructive thinking and lifestyle.

This is important! Disease is a cry for help. It’s a signal that a person needs to change their worldview, habits, behavior. Painkillers and other medications will not eliminate the cause, but only mask it, hiding it even deeper.

However, identifying the connection between a specific disease and a specific mental problem is more difficult. Firstly, each person has their own vulnerable system or organ. Secondly, the concept of stress is subjective: what becomes traumatic for one, for another, may only be a reason for jokes. Nevertheless, renowned psychosomatists over years of practice have managed to compile an extensive and detailed table of diseases and their possible causes.

Table of Correlations Between Somatic Illness and Psychological Premises

Suppressed emotions and feelings lead to diseases: fear, regret, self-pity, aggression, resentment, envy, and others. On the internet and in books on psychosomatics, you can find several tables of diseases and their causes, but the guides by Louise Hay and Lise Bourbeau are particularly in demand. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Louise Hay’s Disease Table

In Louise Hay’s table, diseases are listed in alphabetical order, along with their causes and mental therapy for recovery from serious illness. We suggest acquainting yourself with the complete table of diseases by Louise Hay (our modified table based on the author’s theory):

ProblemMental CauseAffirmation
AbscessAccumulation of grudges, desire for revenge, need to assert significanceI let go of the past, think only of good things, and am in harmony with myself.
Perianal AbscessAnger combined with an inability to let go of somethingI let go of everything I don't need. I can get rid of everything.
AdenoiditisLack of love, family conflicts, misunderstandingI am a wanted and loved family member.
AlcoholismSelf-disrespect, guiltI do everything right, all my actions are important.
AllergyAversion to someone or something (possibly oneself and one's actions)The world is safe, I live in harmony with myself and the world.
AmenorrheaDenial of femininity, rejection of the bodyI am proud to be a woman. I love myself.
AmnesiaFear, desire to escape from reality and protect oneselfI am brave and strong, I can handle anything. Nothing threatens me.
AnginaUnexpressed thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinionsI am free and have the right to self-expression. I have the right to be myself.
AnemiaConstant fear, joyless existenceI am grateful to the Universe. My life is bright, joyful, and colorful.
Sickle Cell AnemiaSelf-hatred, inferiority complexI love and accept myself, I rejoice in life.
Anorectal PainSelf-blame and self-punishmentI let go of the past. I accept myself as I am.
Anorectal BleedingDisappointment and feeling of angerEverything goes its own way. My life is filled with joyful emotions. I am on the right path.
Anorectal ItchGuilt over sinsI forgive myself. I am free.
Anorectal FistulaDwelling on the past, old woundsI say goodbye to the past, rejoice in the present, and bravely look into the future.
ApathyConstant fear, suppression of emotions and feelingsI am safe. I allow myself to experience and express all feelings and emotions.
AppendicitisPessimistic view of the world, belief that nothing good will happen againI am safe. The Universe wishes me only well.
Loss of AppetiteFear, mistrust of the world and oneselfI do everything right, nothing threatens me.
Increased AppetiteNeed for security and loveI am safe, my feelings are protected.
Arterial BlockageInability to enjoy lifeI am full of joy, it flows through my veins.
Arthritis of Finger Joints (bumps on fingers)Victim role and thinkingI forgive and love myself. I deserve the best, I deserve love.
Joint ArthritisTouchiness, feeling of lonelinessI love myself and my loved ones.
Astigmatism (eye disease)Rejection of oneself, self-hatred as a personI am unique and worthy. I accept myself.
AsthmaSuppressed tears, fatigue, self-disrespectEverything depends only on me. I am responsible for my happiness. I choose freedom.
Childhood AsthmaFear of difficulties, unwillingness to be in the presentThe child is protected and loved.
AtherosclerosisNegative thinking, resistance to lifeFrom now on, I focus on the positive and pleasant. My life is full of love.
Hip DiseasesIndecisiveness, uncertainty in lifeI move forward boldly and stand firmly on my feet.
LeukorrheaProblems in relationships with a man, suppressed angerI love my femininity. I control my own destiny.
WhiteheadsDesire to shut out the world, rejection of one's appearanceI am attractive, confident, and loved.
InfertilityUnwillingness for parenthoodEverything happens when it needs to. I respect myself and my actions, I believe in myself.
InsomniaTorments of conscience, doubtsI am grateful for today, happily say goodbye to it and look forward to the next. I do everything right.
RabiesAnger and habit of solving problems by forceI am calm and harmonious, other people are calm and harmonious.
Amyotrophic Lateral SclerosisAttitude of failure, lack of belief in one's strength and significanceI am a valuable member of society. Luck accompanies me. I believe in myself. I will succeed.
Liver DiseasesPrejudice, rigidity in perceptionI am full of compassion, tolerance, and love.
Addison's DiseaseSelf-hatred as a person, lack of pleasant emotionsI love myself. I take care of myself, my body, and my psyche.
Alzheimer's DiseaseAnger, feeling of uselessness of existence, non-acceptance of the world orderLife brings me joy. I understand and accept the world. I say goodbye to the past.
Huntington's DiseaseContradictory desire to influence people's opinions and the impossibility of achieving the desiredI am calm. I trust the Universe – it knows what it is doing.
MyopiaFear of the near futureI am safe. Only what should happen will happen.
Cushing's DiseaseDestructive thoughts and plansI love myself and the whole world. I wish myself only good. My thoughts are constructive.
Parkinson's DiseaseFear combined with a desire to control everythingI am safe. I manage my destiny, but at the same time, I trust the Universe.
Paget's DiseaseDistrust of the world and people. Fear, anxiety over people's indifferenceThe Universe loves me. It cares about me. I am safe.
Hodgkin's DiseaseGuilt, self-blame, attempts to prove significanceI am who I am. I love myself. I am a worthy person.
PainSelf-blame, guilt, self-punishmentI let go of the past, free myself from obsessive thoughts.
AchesNeed for affection, significanceI know how to feel, share love, and invoke love for myself. I love and accept myself.
WartsRejection of one's appearanceI am beautiful and harmonious. I love and accept myself.
Plantar WartsDisappointment due to future expectationsI trust life and move forward easily.
Bright's DiseaseConviction of worthlessness, uselessness, misfortuneI am fortunate. I love myself, take care of myself.
BronchitisConflicts, arguments, shouting in relationshipsI radiate harmony and calmness, I can talk about my feelings calmly.
BulimiaFear, self-hatred, feeling of hopelessnessI am safe. My life is meaningful, I can handle any difficulties.
BursitisAnger and aggression, desire to hurt othersI am calm, radiate only love. I let go of all negativity in my life.
Big Toe BursitisDissatisfaction with life, joyless existenceEvery event in my life is important and meaningful. I rush towards new discoveries and joy.
VaginitisAnger at partner, inability to stand up for oneselfOnly I am responsible for my fate and happiness. I love my femininity.
Varicose VeinsOverexertion, hatred for the situationI enjoy life and move forward easily.
Venereal DiseasesDestructive beliefs about sex, prohibition on intimate connections. Desire to punish oneself for breaking the tabooSexuality is natural for everyone. It's normal. My thoughts help me heal.
ChickenpoxFears and impatience before somethingI trust life, flow with it relaxedly.
Epstein-Barr VirusFear of failure, exhaustion, overexertion, excessive demands on oneselfI respect and value myself. My aspirations are adequate, I don't try to overreach.
VitiligoIsolation, alienation, withdrawal into oneselfI am the center of life. I attract love.
BlistersVulnerability, sense of dangerAll is well. I happily accept new events in my life.
LupusFatigue, dropped arms, inability to fight combined with a desire for revengeOnly I control my life. I can protect myself. I love and accept myself.
InflammationFear, aggression, rageI am serene. My thoughts are positive and calm.
Inflammatory ProcessesAnger and emptiness due to life circumstancesI reject old stereotypes. I love myself and life. I accept myself and life.
Ingrown ToenailGuilt and sense of guilt towards others due to one's own successI am free and do everything right. My successes are the result of my efforts. I deserve it.
VulvaFeeling of vulnerabilityI am safe. Yes, I am vulnerable, but it's not scary.
MiscarriageFear of the future, constant tendency to procrastinateI love and accept myself. I have enough strength to endure everything that happens. The Universe helps me. Everything happens in its time.
SinusitisLow self-esteem, accumulated grievances, unspoken opinion, suppressed tearsI accept life and people with all their merits and flaws. I say goodbye to the past.
GangreneNegative thinking, predisposition to failure and unhappiness, mental instabilityI embrace joy and positivity, live in harmony with myself and the world.
GastritisFeeling of doom and uncertaintyI am safe. I believe in myself and my abilities.
HemorrhoidsAccumulated negative emotions, conflicts, grievancesI get rid of everything old and unnecessary.
GenitalsSymbol of gender principlesI am proud of my gender. I am safe.
Genital ProblemsFear of successI love myself. I am glad to be who I am.
HepatitisFear of change, suppressed anger, rage, contemptI free myself from the past. A new happy future awaits me. The world is beautiful.
Genital HerpesDisgust for intimacy and sexuality, expectation of punishmentI love my body. Everything it feels is natural.
Common HerpesAccumulated resentment and bitterness, tendency to self-punishment and self-destructionI love and forgive myself.
Hyperventilation of LungsFear of change and the futureI am safe. I love life, and it loves me.
HyperthyroidismPersonal unfulfillment and anger associated with itI value and love myself. I am significant as a person.
HyperfunctionPressure from others, fearI am safe. I can stand up for myself.
HypoglycemiaFeeling of oppression due to life difficultiesNow I live, not just exist. I am active and full of energy.
HypothyroidismFatigue, stagnation, desire to give up, feeling that it's impossible to correct one's mistakesI accept and let go of the past. Now I am building a new life. I will succeed, I will act by my own rules.
Pituitary GlandSymbol of self-control and managementMy body and psyche live in harmony. I control my thoughts and actions.
HirsutismUnwillingness to work on oneself, anger, fear, shifting responsibility onto othersI can be myself, accountable for my actions and self-education.
EyesSymbol of clear and precise perceptionI love looking at my life. It's full of joy and goodness.
GlandsSuppression of self, disagreement with the flow of lifeI am inclined to create. I have enough strength for everything.
GlaucomaOld grievances, feelings of emptiness, inability to forgiveI forgive myself and others. I let go of the past. My gaze is filled with kindness and love.
DeafnessStubbornness, tendency to shut oneself away from the worldI am an integral and important part of everything that happens in the world. I live in harmony with myself and the world.
ShinBreakdown of established principles, values, and idealsI create new goals and values. I can reach them. I love myself.
Ankle JointInability to enjoy life and adapt to circumstances, guiltI am grateful to life for everything. I deserve to enjoy life.
DizzinessDisconnected thoughts, unwillingness to look at the worldI am calm, purposeful, and collected.
HeadachesNon-acceptance of self, excessive self-criticism, and demandI am safe. I love, value, and accept myself.
GonorrheaNeed to be punished for sexual "sins"I accept my body and my sexuality. I am not guilty of anything.
ThroatSymbol of creativity and life inspirationI am open to the world, my soul sings.
FungusDwelling on the past, lagging behind lifeI say goodbye to the past, I am happy in the present.
FluFear, resistance to surrounding anger, and outdated opinionsI am above all this. I am responsible for my well-being. I have the right to my own opinion.
BreastsSymbol of maternal careI am harmonious in loving myself and others.
Breast DiseasesSuppression of one's needs and interestsI love myself. I take care of myself as well as others. My interests are important.
Breast: Lumps, CystsOverprotection and total control combined with suppressed aggressionI am as free as other people. Everyone has the right to decide who they are.
HerniaLack of creative self-realization, stuck in past relationshipsI allow myself to be myself. I love and accept myself, letting go of the past.
Intervertebral HerniaLack of support, loss of life supportI am fine, life supports me.
FarsightednessMisunderstanding of one's place in this worldI am in my place, the world is not alien to me. I am needed by the world, and the world is needed by me.
DepressionFeeling of hopelessness, unjustified angerNothing limits me, emotions and fears do not control me.
Gums: DiseasesIndecisiveness, weakness of character, dependence on others' opinionsI am a strong personality who never gives up. I am moving forward.
Childhood DiseasesBelief in convictions and rules, fixation on parental settingsThis child is safe, loved, and valued.
DiabetesDissatisfaction with life, regret about missed opportunitiesI start enjoying life right now. Every moment is filled with joy. I respect my interests and needs.
DysenteryFear, suppressed anger, and rageI am calm and peace-loving.
Amebic DysenteryFear of attack, paranoiaI am calm, no one and nothing threatens me.
Bacterial DysenteryFeeling of hopelessness, external pressureI am full of energy, happiness, and strength.
DysmenorrheaNon-acceptance of oneself and all things feminineI love my gender and my femininity. My cycle is stable. I am full of love and joy.
Yeast InfectionUnfulfilled desires, refusal of self-helpI love and support myself.
BreathingSymbolizes the ability to inhale lifeI am safe. I have a strong will.
Breathing: DiseasesInability to breathe deeply, low self-esteemI deserve love and freedom. From this moment, I satisfy my needs.
JaundiceBias, rigidity in perception, one-sided thinkingI am open to new things. I show patience and compassion.
Gallstone DiseasePride, accumulated anger, heavy thoughtsI happily let go of the past. I love myself and my life.
StomachSymbol of assimilation and processing of informationI accept everything that life gives. I easily digest information, discard the unnecessary, and keep the necessary.
Stomach DiseasesFear of changes, something newMy psyche and body are great at digesting information. Life doesn't prepare anything bad or unmanageable for me.
Female DiseasesDenial of femininity, issues in relationships with mother or menI love and accept myself. I forgive old grievances. I can be a woman but am not obliged to repeat my mother's mistakes.
StiffnessRigidity of thought, ossified principlesI can take care of myself. My brain is sufficiently flexible.
StutteringSelf-doubt, suppression of emotions and desiresI have the right to self-expression. I can stand up for myself.
WristSymbol of freedom and flexibilityI am tolerant towards the world. My wisdom helps me.
Fluid RetentionFear of losing somethingI am ready to let go of it.
Bad BreathVengefulness, dwelling on past negativityI let go of the past and open up to love.
Body OdorProblems in relationships with society, self-rejectionI love and accept myself. The world is safe.
ConstipationDesire to hold onto something, unwillingness to change viewsI am open to new things, let go of the past. Life flows through me.
Carpal Tunnel SyndromeFeeling of injustice, maliceOnly I am responsible for my life. Building a happy life has begun.
GoiterRegret over missed opportunities, bitterness, opposition to imposed opinionI am a strong and complete person, building my own life. No one will stop me.
Dental DiseasesIndecisiveness, inability to make decisionsI believe in the correctness of my actions, I approve my decisions.
Wisdom ToothInability to foresee the future, prepare for itI am ready for the future. I have many opportunities, abilities, and ideas within me.
ItchingRegret, dissatisfaction, desire to break free from routineI satisfy all my desires and am confident that my dreams will come true.
HeartburnStrong fear that hinders rational thinkingI am safe. I have enough strength and oxygen to do everything planned.
Excess WeightSelf-rejection, abandoning goals, need for care with simultaneous inability to express emotions and feelingsI am safe, I am responsible for my own safety. I can express my emotions, I live in peace with them. I love and accept myself.
IleitisFear, anxiety, feeling of own weaknessI love and accept myself. My body and soul live in harmony. I am capable of many things.
ImpotenceFear of women, pressure from a woman, shame, guiltI allow my sexual potential to break free.
Infection (Viral)Joyless existence, bitter memoriesI allow joy to reside in me, I accept and let it pass through me.
Spinal CurvatureWeakness of spirit, weight of the pastI rid myself of ghosts and fears of the past. My posture is straight and proud. I am free.
CandidiasisSuppression of emotions and needs, denial of selfI acknowledge and accept my nature. I love and support myself.
CarbuncleSelf-hatred for unjust actionsI say goodbye to the past and allow life to heal my wounds.
CataractInability to rejoice, uncertain futureMy life is full of happiness and pleasant surprises.
CoughCry for help, desire to make oneself knownI am valued and loved. I love and value myself.
KeratitisRage, desire to destroy and hit everyoneI have enough love and strength to heal the wounds of the past. I am for peace and kindness. I live in harmony with myself.
CystHindrance to one's development, old grievancesI help myself grow, forgive myself and others, let go of the past.
IntestineSymbolizes processing of information, purificationI easily let go of negativity and absorb positivity like a sponge.
Intestine: DiseasesInability to digest something or someoneI rid myself of the old and unnecessary, I absorb the new and useful.
SkinSymbolizes the boundary between the inner world of the person and the external worldI have the right to individuality, I maintain it. I am confident and calm.
Skin: DiseasesFear, anxiety, relationship problems, desire to protect oneselfI am free and happy. I have the right to be myself. My thoughts protect me.
KneeSymbol of selfishness and self-loveI can negotiate with anyone about anything. I respect my and others' interests.
Knees: DiseasesRigidity, fears, stubbornness, egocentrism, and excessive selfishnessI can be flexible when necessary. I know how to forgive and empathize with people.
ColicDissatisfaction with others, excessive demandsI am full of peace and calmness. My expectations are adequate, I respond only to sincere words and actions.
ColitisSelf-doubt, irritationThe flow of my life is calm. I am satisfied with myself.
ComaStrong fear, unwillingness to meet someone or somethingI create my world. It is safe. I am calm, I love myself.
Lump in ThroatDistrust of the world, fearI am free in self-expression, life loves me. I am safe.
ConjunctivitisAngry reactions to some irritantI am full of love and tenderness, my decisions are correct.
Epidemic Acute ConjunctivitisAttempt to avoid meeting someone, anger and irritation towards something or someoneI accept and support myself. I don't need to prove my righteousness and worth.
Cortical ParalysisLack of understanding and cohesion in the familyRelationships within my family are harmonious, I make a significant contribution to this.
Coronary ThrombosisFear of loneliness, undervaluing achievementsEverything is going according to plan. The Universe and I are in sync.
Root CanalBreakdown of previous beliefs and value systemMy worldview is stable, my beliefs help me grow.
StrabismusDesire to spite, unwillingness to see realityI am calm. Nothing threatens me.
BonesSymbol of hierarchyEverything in me is harmonious and perfect, I am glad of my structure.
Bone MarrowSymbol of self-care, confidence in one's strengthI believe in myself, I am surrounded by support and care.
Bone Diseases: Fractures, CracksResistance to authority, attempts to escape someone's controlI build my life myself. And only I am responsible for it.
Bone Diseases: OsteoporosisTension, rigidity, rigidity, depressed stateI take a deep breath, energize and relax.
UrticariaTendency to make a mountain out of a molehill, small multiple fearsNow my life is full of peace, quiet, and kindness.
BloodSymbol of life energy and happinessI rejoice in life, and life rewards me even more for it.
Blood: DiseasesStagnation of energy, inability to enjoy lifeNew ideas and thoughts fill me, they actively move through my body.
Blood: High PressureSuppressed anger, accumulated negativityI let go of the past. My soul is calm.
Blood: Low PressureNeed for love, mindset for failureI am a winner. My thoughts are positive, life is full of joy.
Blood: ClottingProhibition on oneself to receive joyI build a new life, allow the flow of joy and happiness to circulate through me.
BleedingLeakage of joy and happinessI am a vessel for positive emotions. I store and accept joy.
Gum BleedingSelf-condemnation for decisions madeI am calm and confident in myself. My decisions are correct.
LaryngitisInferiority complex, fear of expressing opinion or loss of speech due to anger at othersNothing will stop me from achieving what I have planned and desired. I am calm and free. I have the right to self-expression.
Left Side of the BodySymbol of feminine energyI have enough feminine energy. I am a harmonious person.
LungsSymbol of the breath of life, inhaling lifeI allow life to enter me, its energy circulates peacefully in me.
Lung DiseasesLow self-esteem, fear, melancholyI deserve happiness. I allow myself to enjoy life's blessings. I love myself and the Universe, and it loves me back.
LeukemiaSuppression of creative beginning, doubts about its necessityI part with the past and allow myself to self-express. I am freer every minute. I am pleased to be myself.
TapewormSuggestibility, victim mentalityI love and value myself. Others treat me the same way.
Lymph: DiseasesExcess of negative thoughts and impressionsI fully surrender to the flow of life. Only joy and love are present in my life.
FeverFrenzy, rageI am calm and full of love.
FaceReflects the image we want to show othersI love and accept my true self. This is what I show others.
PemphigusSuppressed grievances, desire to worsen the situationI live in harmony with myself and the world. I create.
Pubic BoneSymbol of accepting and protecting sexualityMy sexual characteristics and sexuality are not threatened.
ElbowSymbol of changing values and accepting new thingsI am open to new experiences, ready for changes.
MalariaDisharmony in relationships with natureI am one with nature.
MastitisSuppression of personal needs, excessive maternal care for othersI have the right to freedom, happiness, and safety. Others also have the right to choose who and how to be.
MastoiditisFear, dissatisfaction, desire to escape realityI am calm, full of joy and love, living in harmony with myself and the world.
UterusSymbolizes the creative and feminine beginningI am comfortable and at ease. I express myself calmly.
MeningitisFatigue and bitterness towards lifeI say goodbye to the past and immerse myself in a peaceful present.
Menopause (Early, Problematic)Fear of aging, loss of attractiveness, health problemsI am calm. This is a natural course of life.
MenstruationDislike of the female gender, denial of femininityI love my body and its cycles. I accept myself.
FlatulenceFear, stiffness, regrets about missed opportunitiesI relax, and life sweeps me into the current of creative self-realization.
MigraineSelf-criticism, low self-esteemI do everything right. I love and accept myself.
BrainSymbol of self-control and self-managementI control my consciousness, manage all processes.
Brain: TumorStubbornness, excessive persistence, rigid viewsI have enough flexibility to change my beliefs and adapt to new life conditions.
CallusesOld fears and ghosts of the past, rigid viewsI rid myself of the past, refresh my thoughts, and head towards a joyful future. I am free, and this delights me.
ThrushBlocking personal desires and needs, inability to care for oneselfI love and support myself in everything.
MononucleosisLow self-esteem, need for love, lack of self-respect, anger at oneselfI endlessly love and care for my inner world.
SeasicknessFear of death, loss of controlI am always calm. I love life, and it loves and protects me.
Urethra: InflammationIrritation and anger towards people aroundI am surrounded by kind and good people.
Urinary Tract: InfectionDesire to shift responsibility, hatred towards one's partnerI reject old stereotypes, love, and value myself.
MusclesSymbol of movement, changeI am happy to change for the better.
Muscular DystrophyInfantilism, need for protectionI can take care of myself. Now I am moving towards better and greater things.
Adrenal Glands: DiseasesIndifference to one's own life, loser scriptI love, approve, and encourage myself. I can protect myself and achieve anything I want.
NarcolepsyFear, desire to isolate, avoidance of problem-solving, feeling of hopelessnessThe Universe loves me and wishes only good. I trust it.
ColdMute cries and plea for helpI love myself and can take care of myself. I allow myself to express feelings.
NeuralgiaBarriers in social interaction, inability to forgive oneself for sinsI say goodbye to the past and open up to new things. Every acquaintance will be joyful and beneficial.
IncontinenceExhaustion and negativity accumulated over the yearsI am safe. Now I allow myself to express emotions.
Incurable DiseasesLack of internal motivation and faith in oneselfI fight my destructive beliefs every day, and the Universe helps me in this.
NervesSymbol of human relationships with societyI communicate joyfully and easily.
Nervous BreakdownMental clutter in communication, selfishnessI am open to communication, feel great, and spread love.
NervousnessFears, anxieties, doubts about the correctness of the life pathI have enough strength, time, and energy. I am relaxed and satisfied, calmly floating in the stream of life.
IndigestionAnxiety, fear, dissatisfaction with lifeI am full of happiness and joy, I can assimilate any changes.
AccidentsWeakness of spirit, resistance to authority and laws, positive attitude towards violenceI part with negativity and stereotypes. I am a worthy and calm person.
NephritisReaction to failureI support and approve of my actions. All my decisions are right and well-thought-out. I easily part with the old and get acquainted with the useful new.
TumorOld grievances, focus on negativityI forgive myself and others.
LegsSymbolize moving forwardI have the right to live as I want.
Legs (Foot Diseases)Fear of the future, lack of motivation to move forwardI say goodbye to fears and boldly move towards a positive and joyful future.
FingernailSymbol of securityI am light and straightforward in communication, everything is fine.
Nails (Biting)Feeling cornered, self-criticism, non-acceptance of mother or fatherI am an adult, independent, and successful. Being an adult is not scary or dangerous.
NoseSymbol of self-respectI have good intuition, I am on the right path.
Stuffy NoseUnderdeveloped sense of self-importanceI deserve love and respect. I am significant and valuable.
Nasopharyngeal SecretionsVictim mentality, suppressed tears, childhood grievancesI value and love myself. I have enough strength to create a happy life.
Nose: BleedingNeed for love and recognitionI value and accept myself. Others also see me as a wonderful person.
Sagging Facial FeaturesDissatisfaction with life, pessimistic thinkingEach day I become happier and younger, I enjoy every moment of my life.
BaldnessFear, fatigue, mistrust, attempts to control everythingI am safe. The flow of life carries me to happiness.
FaintingFear, inability to cope with difficultiesI have enough knowledge and skills to take care of myself and create the life I want.
ObesityVulnerability, need for protection and love, suppressed aggressionI love myself and thus protect myself. I am an independent person who can take care of myself.
Upper Thigh ObesityResentment towards parents, stubbornnessI say goodbye to the past, let go of the image of mother and father. Now I am safe.
Lower Thigh ObesityResentment and anger towards fatherI forgive my father. He is not guilty of not knowing what love is.
Abdominal ObesityAnger about a lack of communication and warmthI am free and independent. I can take care of my spiritual and emotional development.
Arm ObesitySelf-hatred due to problems in love relationshipsI am a worthy person. I already have everything for love and happiness.
BurnsNegative emotions, angerI feel good, full of harmony and peace.
ChillsDesire to retreat within oneself, to be left aloneI am safe. The Universe loves me. I don't need to be afraid of life.
NumbnessSuppression of positive emotions, prohibition on expressing feelingsI bring love into this world and value those who do the same.
SwellingObsessive ideas and unrealistic plansI control my thoughts, all my ideas are realistic.
TumorsRegret, remorse, grievancesI say goodbye to the past, joyfully and lovingly move into the present.
OsteomyelitisFeeling of loneliness, misunderstanding of life and the worldI say goodbye to anxiety, nothing threatens me. I live in peace with everyone and everything.
OsteoporosisLack of support and backupThe Universe always supports me. It will never let me fall.
OtitisConflicts between parents, desire to escape the conversation, angerI love myself. My ears hear only pleasant things. There are no conflicts in my life.
BelchingFear, greedI am calm. Everything will come at the right time and in the right amount.
Loss of AppetiteContempt for oneself as a person, suppression of needs, indifference to one's own lifeI respect myself and choose to be myself. As long as my uniqueness and individuality are alive, I am safe.
FingersSymbolize life's minutiaeI can handle any difficulties.
Fingers: ThumbSymbol of intellectual abilitiesI am calm, my inner world is harmonious.
Fingers: IndexSymbol of confidenceI am confident about tomorrow.
Fingers: MiddleSymbolizes sexualityI am full of sexual energy, I know how to control it.
Fingers: RingSymbol of friendship and loveMy relationships are not threatened.
Fingers: LittleSymbol of familyMy family is my fortress.
ToesSymbol of changeAll decisions are correct, situations resolve in due time.
PancreatitisAnger, despairI control my destiny, approve my actions.
ParasitesSelf-sacrifice, submissionOnly I control my life, only I manage it.
ParalysisFear, resistance, desire to run away from someoneI am always balanced, decisive, and harmonious.
Bell's PalsySuppressed feelings, rageI accept myself and allow expressing all emotions.
Cortical ParalysisHatred for life, unwillingness to changeI accept myself and life in all its manifestations. Events inevitably change, and I constantly adapt to them.
ParesisFeeling of hopelessness, paralyzing thoughtsI am free, I live easily and joyfully.
PeriodontitisMeaninglessness of life, weakness of character, indecisionI accept and support myself. My decisions are correct.
Peritonsillar AbscessPassivity, dependency, conviction of worthlessnessI am calm, my actions are measured, but they inevitably lead to happiness and fulfillment of desires.
LiverSymbol of processing negativityOnly positive emotions are present in my life.
Liver: DiseasesSelf-deception, self-justificationI am open to love and development.
Food PoisoningLoss of control over the situationI manage my own life.
CryingSymbol of life with all its ups and downsI control my emotions, respond adequately to both joyful and sad events.
ShouldersSymbol of the ability to withstand life's blows and burdensI approach everything easily and joyfully.
PneumoniaSoul wounds, despondencyI believe the Universe knows what it's doing. My happy life begins right now.
GoutRigidity, anger, desire to control everythingI live in harmony and safety. I control only my own life.
PancreasSymbolizes the sweetness of lifeMy life is full of joyful and pleasant moments, I have enough sweetness.
PoliomyelitisParalyzing sense of ownership, desire to stop and delay somethingI direct my energy to gain freedom and help others in this.
DiarrheaFear, desire to quickly get rid of somethingI am skilled at solving problems, timely and calmly getting rid of them.
CutsSelf-punishment for breaking internal principlesI love, respect, value, and encourage myself.
VicesSelf-hatred, self-destructive mindsetI am a unique and valuable person. My love for myself grows every minute.
Loss of StabilityScatterbrainedI focus on my development and safety.
Kidneys: DiseasesInfantilism, bitternessGrowing up is not scary. The flow of life carries me to happiness.
Kidney StonesClumps of negativityI will happily get rid of negativity.
Right Side of the BodySymbol of male energyI easily manage the male principle within me.
PMSRejection of femininity, vulnerabilityI like how my body works. I control my consciousness and life.
SeizuresDesire to escape from oneself, life, close onesI am safe. I am accepted and understood.
Choking AttacksFear of the future, unexpected changesI love myself and support myself in any conditions. The flow of life carries me to happiness.
Aging ProblemsFixation on the past, fear of loneliness and the unknown, suggestibilityI love myself, my body, and my life. Every stage of it is important and valuable.
LeprosySelf-doubt, complexes, inability to control one's lifeI have enough strength and inspiration to get rid of all flaws and gain control over my life.
ProstateSymbolizes male principlesI have a lot of masculinity and strength, but at the same time, I possess enough flexibility.
Prostate: DiseasesFear of aging, sexual complexes, tension, fatigueWith each day, I become younger. I love myself and feel my strength.
ColdFatigue, grievance, shockI am relaxed and harmonious, my life is full of pleasant events.
PsoriasisFear of feeling and being responsible for itI deserve joy and love. I value every cell of my organism.
PsychosisFear of life, desire to escape from itI am important to the world, my life is meaningful. My brain understands this.
PemphigusAnger that wants to break out in insultsI am calm and peace-loving. There is harmony and peace in my soul.
RadiculitisFear of all material difficultiesI am safe. Every step I take is beneficial. I can handle any circumstances.
CancerHatred, grievance, unhealed soul woundsI am free, my mind is free. I let go of the past and create a new happy life.
WoundsSelf-hatred, guiltI accept everything in myself. I blame myself for nothing.
Sores on Lips or MouthDesire to blame someone, snide remarksMy life is full of joy and love.
Multiple SclerosisFear, rigid character, stiffnessI find freedom and positive thinking. I rid myself of all negative qualities.
SprainsOpposition reaction, search for one's pathI am calm and serene. Life will help me see my destiny, it will lead me to it.
RicketsNeed for love and protection, emotional hungerI am safe. The Universe loves and protects me.
VomitingFear of change, denial of the newLife gives me only beneficial changes. I am grateful for it. I accept all changes and innovations.
RheumatismVulnerability, need for love, weaknessI stop condemning myself and others. I build my own life.
Rheumatoid ArthritisWeakness of spirit, tiredness from life's caresI am full of strength and love. Only positive energy is concentrated around me.
Rigidity of Occipital MusclesStubbornnessI can listen to others' opinions and view situations from different perspectives. It's not dangerous.
ChildbirthSymbolizes the beginning of lifeThe child is created for happiness and joy. A great future awaits him.
Childbirth: ComplicationsEverything happens for a reason: parents choose their children, and children choose their parentsI am glad to have this experience. Difficulties harden us, teach us new things.
MouthSymbol of love and new ideasI nourish myself with love.
Mouth: DiseasesConservatism, prejudiceI am ready for the new. I can understand and accept it.
HandsSymbolizes accumulated experienceI am grateful to fate for any experience. I accept everything that the Universe has prepared for me.
Hands (Palms)Symbolizes grip (holding) and caressI warmly remember the past. I control it, not it me.
SuicidePessimistic view of the world, unwillingness to solve problemsI have everything necessary. I just need to see the opportunities for realizing my potential.
Gray HairChronic stress, habit of worryingI am calm and full of strength, nothing worries me.
SpleenObsessive ideasI always have fresh ideas, I easily say goodbye to ineffective solutions.
Hay FeverGuilt, emotionality, fear of the fast flow of timeMy life is full of bright colors. I am safe.
HeartSymbolizes security and sensualityThe rhythm of my heart is steady, it matches love.
Heart: AttackJoyless existence, pursuit of material well-beingI radiate and absorb love. My life is full of joy.
Heart: DiseasesNegative emotions, ghosts of the past, joyless existenceI let happiness, smiles, and joy into my life. It fills every cell of my body.
SinusitisDissatisfaction with the actions of a close personI forgive my own and others' mistakes. Harmony lives in me, which I spread to everything around.
BruisesSelf-blame, self-punishmentI love and value myself. My kindness is enough to heal the soul.
SyphilisBurning through life, wasting energy in vainI accept myself, live to my pleasure, but now I know where I am heading.
SkeletonSymbolizes life's structureI am resilient to diseases and life's difficulties.
SclerodermaInability to care for oneself, reluctance to be in the center of events, desire to escape from lifeI am confident in myself. I am safe. My tension has subsided.
WeaknessIntellectual exhaustionI allow my mind, body, and psyche to rest.
DementiaDespair, anger, rejection of the worldI am safe. My place is where I am now.
Colon MucosaStuck in the past, thoughts hindering cleansingI say goodbye to the past. My life moves to a new level, I am open to a happy future.
Solar PlexusSymbol of intuitionEvery day I become more perfect, I have more strength. My inner voice suggests only good things.
SpasmsFear, excitementI am relaxed, my life is prosperous.
Abdominal Cavity SpasmsFear, desire to stop somethingI am safe, I trust life.
Spastic ColitisDoubts, fear of letting go of somethingAll is well. Life gives only what I need. I am no longer afraid of it.
AIDSSelf-condemnation, self-rejection, fear of loneliness, despair, complexesI am an important and valuable individual, independent. I accept and love myself. I have a lot of strength and talents.
BackSymbolizes support and reliabilityI trust my life.
Back: Lower Part DiseasesFear of material difficultiesI am okay. I trust life, it always gives what I need.
Back: Middle Part DiseasesGuilt, fixation on the past, desire to withdraw into oneselfI let go of the past. In its place comes love, helping me move forward.
Back: Upper Part DiseasesEmotional restraint, need for protection, fear of lonelinessI love myself, so I can handle everything.
TetanusExcess negativity, rage bursting outI cleanse myself of negativity, letting a flow of love through my body.
TineaLack of understanding, patient attitude towards those who get on nervesI love myself, I am free. Others do not control me.
FeetSymbol of adequate perception and self-perceptionMy consciousness is clear. I understand everything and quickly adapt to changes. I am safe.
Feet: DiseasesFear of the futureI move forward with light steps.
CrampsDesire to grasp onto something, fearI am relaxed, my soul is peaceful and harmonious.
JointsSymbol of minor changes in lifeI am ready for any updates. The Universe guides me on the most productive path.
Dry EyesMalice and grudges, anger, inability to express loveI forgive and understand. I can love, express feelings, and accept them.
RashInfantile attempts to attract attentionI accept myself and everything that happens in my life.
TicFear of someone else's control, subordinationI manage my own life. I am safe.
TonsillitisFear, suppressionI am open to the new, I am ready to create.
NauseaFear of the new, indecisionMy experience is always positive, I am ready for new actions. I trust myself and the world.
InjuriesGuilt, hatredI accept myself, forgive, and begin to change for the better.
AnxietyDoubts about the correctness of the chosen pathThe Universe does not wish me harm, it guides me to happiness.
TrismusProhibition on expressing emotions, desire to be the main in everything, rageI boldly talk about my desires. The Universe hears me and helps in their realization.
TuberculosisCruelty, vengefulnessI am calm, I accept myself and others. I am comfortable in these conditions.
White AcneAnger bursting outI tune into positivity and peace, learning to express emotions in an accessible way.
Nodular ThickeningsDespair, grievance, career-building problemsI forgive myself for slowness and misdemeanors. Now I am heading only towards a happy life.
Motion Sickness, RidingFear of losing control over oneself and the situationI always control my behavior and thoughts. I am safe.
BitesVictim mentalityI say goodbye to fears and complexes. Now I live for myself. I love myself.
FatigueDislike for work, dissatisfaction with life, exhaustionI am full of optimism and share it with others.
EarsSymbol of hearing perception of realityI hear and love, accept everything that life offers.
Fibrocystic DegenerationSelf-pity, expectation of a bad outcomeI love life, and it loves me. Everything will be fine.
PhlebitisDissatisfaction with life, trying to shift responsibility onto others, feeling of bitternessI live in harmony with the inner and outer world. Positivity flows through my body.
FrigidityRelationship issues with a partner, fear of parental punishment, internal prohibition on sex, denial of sexualityI am proud to be a woman. Enjoying love-making is normal.
BoilMaximum tensionI am calm and serene. I only experience joyful excitement.
Cholesterol (High)Inability to enjoy lifeI value myself and the world around me. I am open to joyful events, ready to absorb joy.
SnoringFixation on old beliefs, viewpointsI let go of the old and destructive. Instead, I embrace the new and useful.
Chronic DiseasesFear of the future, feeling of looming threatI am ready to grow and change my thinking. My future depends on me, nothing threatens me.
ScratchesThoughts that life steals timeLife loves me. It only gives the best.
CelluliteSelf-hatred, self-blameI am free, I forgive myself and others. I accept my body and my character.
CystitisNeed for independence, anger at a partner, fear of freedomI am safe and ready for the new.
Jaw (Muscle-Facial Syndrome)Resentment, desire for revenge, angerI am safe. I accept and love myself. I will get rid of those traits that exacerbate the disease.
ScabiesInability to stand up for oneselfI am free and can defend my opinion. I am surrounded by kindness and love.
Neck (Cervical Spine)Symbol of flexibility and ability to look at a situation from different sidesI treat life kindly, and it responds in kind. I can show flexibility in views if needed.
Neck: DiseasesRigidity, stubbornnessIn every situation, I see several options for development. Life supports me.
Ringing in the EarsRefusal to pay attention to the inner voice. Wilfulness.My inner voice gives correct advice, so I listen to it and follow it.
Thyroid GlandAnger at not being recognized as a personalityI respect and value myself. I am a worthy person and a complete personality.
Thyroid Gland: DiseasesInability to live as desired; constant expectation of somethingNothing limits me. Boundaries live only in my head. I am getting rid of them.
EpilepsyObsessive idea of persecution and suppression of personalityI live in joy, nothing threatens me.
EczemaStrong spirit of competitionI am filled with calmness and joy, I live in safety.
Exotropia (Strabismus with eyes looking in different directions)Fear of facing realityI love and approve of myself, and this helps me to look at life without fear.
EmphysemaUnderdeveloped sense of self-worth, rejection of oneself as a personality, fear of a full lifeI am free and worthy by birth. I have the right to live as I want.
EndometriosisWeakness, self-flagellationI am a strong person, loved and loving. I will overcome any difficulties and achieve everything I want.
EnuresisFear of parents, especially the fatherParents only wish the best for their child. If they made mistakes, it wasn't intentional. I forgive them for it.
Athlete's FootLoser's scriptMoving forward is safe. I love myself and will definitely achieve success.
ButtocksSymbol of strength. Flabbiness is a sign of weaknessI am full of strength and use it wisely.
UlcerSelf-blame, inferiority complex, self-loathingNothing gnaws at me anymore. I am calm and happy.
Septic UlcerInferiority complex, desire to please someoneI am a good person. I don't need to prove my worth. I don't need to beg for love. Everything is already within me.
TongueSymbolizes pleasuresI am grateful to life for all the goods and pleasures it gives me.
TesticlesSymbol of manlinessI am proud to be a man. My energy and masculinity are growing stronger every day.
OvariesSymbol of creativityI am balanced and ready for creation.
StyeDissatisfaction with life, realityI happily look at my life. I create my own reality.

As you may have noticed, the foundation of any healing is self-acceptance, self-love, belief in oneself, and the laws of the Universe. The original disease table can be found in Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body”.

What is Liz Bourbeau’s Disease Table?

Liz Bourbeau’s disease table is a list of diseases and their causes in alphabetical order. Each disease is considered from four perspectives:

  1. Physical Blockage, or somatic manifestations of the ailment.
  2. Emotional Blockage, or mental manifestations of the problem (emotional causes).
  3. Mental Blockage, or thought correction.
  4. Spiritual Blockage, or searching for the true cause and unmet need.

Let’s consider Liz Bourbeau’s theory using the example of sudden pain:

  1. Physical Blockage. Sudden real physical pain occurs in any part of the body (without visible causes and prerequisites).
  2. Emotional Blockage. This indicates a subconscious chronic feeling of guilt, a person’s inclination towards self-punishment. Pain is the most ancient, primitive, and accessible form of punishment. The desire may be related to what the person did, did not do, or intended to do. Often, the feeling of guilt is irrational. To find out which area of life causes the feeling of guilt, one should analyze the mental meaning of the part of the body where the pain occurred.
  3. Mental Blockage. It is necessary to realize the irrationality of self-punishment. It does not relieve guilt, does not make life easier for the pain bearer or another person. It is a vicious circle. Guilt and pain will cease, the run will stop after acknowledging your rational share of responsibility. Usually, guilt is the result of suggestion and conviction. Who instilled this in you? Whose voice is heard? The voice of a mother, father, former friend? Change your value system, reconsider the situation, change your attitude towards yourself and the world.
  4. Spiritual Blockage. To search and eliminate this block, it is necessary to understand the true cause and the main unmet need of the true Self. For this, you need to ask a series of questions from Liz Bourbeau. The fourth point is relevant for any disease (you need to ask a series of questions for self-analysis).

Questions to better understand the cause of psychosomatics:

  1. What terms and definitions best characterize what I physically feel? The answer to this question shows the attitude towards the situation or person causing the problem.
  2. What can I do because of the disease and what can’t I do? The answer helps to understand suppressed desires (what you want to get rid of and got rid of using the disease, what you want to do and get because of the disease).
  3. If I realized the suppressed desires (from the previous point), how would my life change? The answer helps to understand the true need, blocked by imposed stereotypes and beliefs.
  4. If I allowed satisfying the main need (previous answer), what terrible and unacceptable would happen in my life? The answer helps to find the main destructive attitude (prohibition, belief) that does not allow you to be yourself, love yourself, satisfy your needs and desires, self-realize. This belief is the true mental cause of physical problems.

You can find the complete table of diseases in Liz Bourbeau’s book “Your Body Says: Love Yourself!”. The table presents about five hundred different diseases and ailments.

How to Heal Yourself: Louise Hay’s Recommendations

Louise Hay suggests fighting the condition with affirmations. However, some people are skeptical about self-suggestion, and there are even those who assure based on personal experience: “It doesn’t work!”. Yes, affirmations will not help if a person does not believe in them and does not take other steps towards a happy life.

Imagine that you want to lose weight, found the corresponding affirmation, recite it several times a day, but at the same time lie on the sofa and consume ice cream, buns, candies. Will there be an effect from such self-suggestion? No. But if you make a diet plan, workouts, and thought correction, then mental therapy for healing from a serious illness will help maintain motivation and belief in yourself, achieve everything planned. And the Universe itself will start to help you, because thoughts are material. But for the world to help you, you must want to help yourself.

Louise Hay knows this, so she suggests reinforcing affirmations with other life correction methods:

  1. Review of diet and eating habits. You’ve probably heard that you need to eat to live, not the other way around. But this principle alone is not enough, you need to choose individual nutrition. Right means useful and enjoyable specifically for you. For the selection of the optimal ratio and list of products, it is better to consult a dietitian.
  2. Regular manageable physical activities. Among hundreds of sports, you will definitely find an activity to your liking. Start at least with regular walks, and gradually try something new. Do not focus on others, do not work to exhaustion, and do not force yourself to do what is supposedly effective but unpleasant for you specifically. You should enjoy the activities; otherwise, there will be no result.
  3. Visualization, meditation. Try at least to dream. Maybe you don’t know, but dreams eventually turn into plans and reality. Imagining a desired future helps gather strength, find means to achieve this future. Retune your brain to the positive, teach it to focus attention on the good. Right now, think: what is the ratio in your life of joyful and anxious fantasizing. Don’t you imagine a bad development of events more often than a good one?
  4. Psychotherapy and self-help. Not always a person can figure out problems on their own, especially when it comes to subconscious processes. Don’t be afraid to seek help. And at the same time, don’t forget to conduct self-analysis, apply simple methods of thought correction (exercises, training, psychologists’ recommendations). And, of course, it is important to be active in all senses: physically, intellectually, socially. Activity is necessary for both the body and the brain, plus it is an excellent means of prevention and stress relief. Chemical processes triggered during training and intellectual activity improve brain function, stimulate the production of happiness hormones, calm, improve mood, increase endurance, speed up metabolism. And activity in life allows you to continuously develop and self-realize.

Remember that you need to move only on the path of your development. Preserve individuality, respect your needs, abilities, features. Only under this condition, development will proceed quickly, pleasantly, and easily. Harmony with yourself is more important than anything else.

Important! Maintaining mental and physical health requires constant work on oneself. For a harmonious, happy, successful life, it is necessary to carry out daily prevention and correction. It is necessary to cleanse the mind of negativity and fill it with positivity.

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