Psychosomatic Disease Tables Psychosomatic
Psychosomatic Disease Tables
You have probably noticed and felt the effects of stress yourself. Recall how you couldn’
Louise Hay's Psychosomatics Psychosomatic
Louise Hay’s Psychosomatics
Louise Hay’s name is familiar to many people, even those not interested in psychosomatics (a branch
Chicago Seven of Psychosomatic Diseases Psychosomatic
Chicago Seven of Psychosomatic Diseases
The active development of psychosomatics began after a group of scientists from the University of Chicago
Psychosomatics of Bleeding Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics of Bleeding
Nosebleeds can arise from nervous tension, fatigue, or blood pressure spikes. Psychologically, nosebleeds
Psychosomatics of Angular Cheilitis Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics of Angular Cheilitis
“Don’t gape at someone else’s loaf,” says the proverb, and psychology also knows
Psychosomatics of Brain Diseases Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics of Brain Diseases
“We say ‘my head is swelling’ when we can’t solve a problem or understand something new.
Literature on Psychosomatics Psychosomatic
Literature on Psychosomatics
Psychosomatics emerged as an independent field in 1818. However, its peak popularity came in the 21st century.
Cellulite and Its Psychosomatics Psychosomatic
Cellulite and Its Psychosomatics
Women combat cellulite through nutrition, massage, cosmetic procedures, and sports. However, few know
Snoring and Its Psychosomatics Psychosomatic
Snoring and Its Psychosomatics
Snoring (ronchopathy) not only causes poor sleep but also serves as a symptom of a psychosomatic disease.
Psychosomatics of Nasal Bleeding Psychosomatic
Psychosomatics of Nasal Bleeding
The human body and psyche are so interconnected that any intrapersonal conflict and experience affect