Psychosomatic Causes of Boils and Carbuncles

Everyone experiences pimples, or subcutaneous inflammations, at some point. This is particularly noticeable during adolescence. However, some people suffer from outbreaks their entire life, not just minor defects, but large purulent boils. Psychosomatics can explain why this happens.

A boil, or carbuncle, is an acute subcutaneous inflammation of the hair follicle, connective tissue, and sebaceous glands. The problem causes discomfort and pain, spoiling a person’s appearance. It’s commonly believed that dirty hands, excessive sweating, and poor hygiene are to blame, but that’s not entirely true. A connection to a person’s psycho-emotional state is observed. Psychological causes of boils:

  • Chronic stress;
  • Neuroses and mental disorders;
  • Sensitivity and vindictiveness as character traits;
  • Psycho-emotional instability;
  • Insecurity and complexes;
  • Introversion;
  • Feelings of oppression and hopelessness;
  • Inability or impossibility to express anger (including the need to smile and obey someone unpleasant);
  • Old resentments;
  • Repressed emotions and needs;
  • Conflicts in relationships with others.

During stress, blood circulation intensifies, and the activity of the sebaceous glands increases. This becomes the cause of nervous-based furunculosis. In psychosomatics, it’s believed that a carbuncle is the peak of accumulated negative emotions. Something or someone is greatly poisoning a person’s life, but they can’t get rid of it. As a result, anger, anxiety, fears, and irritation accumulate and come out unnaturally (in the form of boils).

Interesting! Boils on a nervous basis occur in both adults and children.

Psychosomatics of Facial Boils

In psychosomatics, the face symbolizes the self we want to show the world. If breakouts appear on the face, it indicates that a person wants attention and support. Or, conversely, that they want to distance themselves from someone (the appearance of boils repels most people). Moreover, pimples on the face can reflect that a person is afraid to be themselves, not accepting themselves.

Psychological Causes of Body Outbreaks

Outbreaks on the body speak of a desire to shield oneself from others and shame about one’s appearance, sexuality. If thoughts about sex and physical attractiveness cause shame, then the body quickly adjusts and provides a more rational reason for shame – pimples.

For a more accurate determination of psychosomatic outbreaks on the body, one should consider the metaphysical meaning of the specific body part. For example, legs represent moving forward. Thus, acne on them indicates fear of the future. The back symbolizes support, and pimples on it speak of a lack of self-confidence. Outbreaks on the arms suggest that a person is clinging to something and fears losing it.

Opinions of Renowned Psychologists on the Nature of Boils

The skin is the boundary between a person’s inner world and the external world. It reflects everything a person experiences: their thoughts and desires, states, relationships with other people. Any skin defects indicate a loss of harmony between the individual and society. Let’s delve into how popular psychosomatic experts explain this.

Louise Hay

A boil is an abscess. Thus, the same psychosomatic explanation and treatment apply. Louise Hay explains the emergence of abscesses as the presence of old resentment, thoughts of revenge, and neglect. Any skin outbreaks, according to the psychologist, speak of accumulated pain, experiences, resentment, anger, and confusion. For recovery, it’s essential to let go of the past, learn to live in the present, and enjoy life. Louise Hay’s step-by-step healing instruction:

  • Through self-analysis, identify the true emotional cause of the experience.
  • Identify and record all thoughts, situations, and feelings that precede the exacerbation of the disease.
  • Stop constantly returning to the past. Analyze the situation in detail, accept it, and let it go.
  • Visualize your healing. Imagine your new appearance and new mindset, feel confidence and strength.
  • Recite affirmations daily.

Affirmations for healing: “I give my thoughts freedom. The past is over. I am at peace,” “I consign the past to oblivion and allow time to heal the wounds life once inflicted on me,” “I express joy and love. My soul is at peace.”

Lise Bourbeau

According to Lise Bourbeau, any disease serves to make a person pay attention to themselves, to realize that they are living against their nature. Specifically, a carbuncle indicates that mentally a person is extremely burdened. So much negativity has accumulated inside that it comes out as pus. Other causes of pimples according to Lise Bourbeau:

  • A need for attention;
  • Inability to express emotions;
  • Constant external pressure or self-flagellation (leads to chronic stress, which disrupts hormonal balance and causes intestinal disorders, affecting the skin’s condition);
  • Overexertion, striving for success.

For healing, one needs to let go of past grievances, cleanse oneself, and get out of the aggravating situation. This can be done in two ways: change the attitude towards circumstances or change the circumstances. In any case, it is necessary to get rid of anxiety and fear. Negative emotions can be released through communication, sports, breathing exercises.

According to Sinelnikov

Valery Sinelnikov names the following causes of acne:

  • Open internal conflicts;
  • Lack of self-confidence;
  • Underdeveloped communication skills (inability to communicate and resolve conflicts);
  • Constantly growing resentment and negative emotions suppressed internally;
  • Chronic disappointment in people;
  • Forced necessity to be friendly with those who are unpleasant;
  • Suppressed anger and rage;
  • Inability to achieve a set goal.

For healing, it’s necessary to allow oneself to experience and express all emotions.

How to Eliminate Boils from a Psychological Point of View

Before starting psychological correction, it’s crucial to clearly identify the cause of inflammation. To do this, pay attention to the location of the pimple:

  • Ear – conflicts, swallowed resentment, silently listening to complaints and criticism.
  • Eyes – fear, refusal to accept reality, daily unpleasant impressions.
  • Legs and arms, armpits – aimless existence, lack of meaning in life.
  • Buttocks, groin area, groin – shame, non-acceptance of one’s body.
  • Head and face – uncertainty in life, feelings of confusion and oppression.
  • Back – something pressing on the back, it’s hard to carry.

How to get rid of the disease:

  • Master relaxation and meditation methods to achieve harmony with yourself and the outside world.
  • Allow yourself to express negative emotions. There are many rational ways: hitting a punching bag, visiting an anti-stress attraction with smashing dishes, writing down your thoughts, screaming into a pillow, etc.
  • Find reasons for joy and gratitude every day. Try it right now. Thank yourself and life, say thank you to this world.
  • Get rid of stereotypes, follow your desires and needs.
  • Practice yoga and breathing exercises.
  • Recite affirmations.

The cause is not always in the conflict between the environment and the individual. Boils can be a result of internal contradiction (the person irritates themselves). In such a case, visiting a psychotherapist is essential.

Important! If purulent outbreaks occur systematically, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist and a psychologist. In rare cases, consultation and treatment by an endocrinologist or dietitian may be required (the skin and intestines are also interconnected).

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