Psychosomatics of Bleeding

Nosebleeds can arise from nervous tension, fatigue, or blood pressure spikes. Psychologically, nosebleeds signify joyless existence caused by lack of self-respect and self-worth. Generally, bleeding indicates a loss of joy in life. Let’s explore other types of bleeding and their meanings in psychosomatics.

Psychosomatics of Uterine Bleeding

The uterus symbolizes life. Blood represents vital energy, joy, and pleasures. Uterine bleeding suggests a woman’s life has lost meaning and joy. Why? Consider the causes of female diseases: relationship problems, rejection of femininity and sexuality.

The uterus, the main organ in the female body, suffers first from anger, irritation, grievances, pain, filthy thoughts, and other negativities. It reacts first to relationship issues.

The uterus symbolizes creativity and female self-realization. Its condition reflects how well a woman has unfolded in life as a woman, a mother. Self-realization issues arise from fears, guilt, conservatism, introversion.

Uterine bleeding can signal conditions like erosion, fibroids, and polyps, each with their psychosomatic meaning:

  • Cervical erosion: feelings of inferiority and oppression next to a man, unfulfilled self-realization needs.
  • Uterine fibroids: strong resentment towards a man, accumulated claims.
  • Polyps: unshed tears, self-pity, grievances against men, victim mentality.
  • Cancer: grievances, dislike for the world, self, others, and guilt.

Stress in personal life leads to cervical erosion, fibroids, polyps, cancer, abnormal periods, and other problems. If such diseases arise, focus on relationships with partners. Until harmonized, the woman’s condition will worsen.

Another theory suggests female organ diseases indicate fear of pregnancy, unwillingness to have children. The woman’s subconscious might be rejecting fertility, “switching off” reproductive function and organs.

Louise Hay’s View on Uterine Bleeding

According to Louise Hay, the problem arises from a lack of positive emotions. Bleeding symbolizes joy’s departure, accumulated anger, frustration, and crushed hopes.

To rectify this, start each day with a smile and a compliment. Learn to accept and give compliments to yourself. Engage in beloved activities, live according to your needs, desires, and capabilities. A woman’s health is vital to feel loved, desired, and enjoy being a woman.

Healing affirmations: “I am the joy of life expressing and receiving in a beautiful rhythm,” “I am strong and desired. It’s wonderful to be a woman. I love myself, am satisfied with my achievements,” “I fully trust the process of life. Only right and good actions occur in my life.”

Important! Uterine bleeding refers to those occurring between periods or to abnormal periods. However, consult a doctor for an accurate diagnosis.

Valeriy Sinelnikov’s Perspective on Bleeding

Women’s diseases indicate self-denial (behavior, habits, appearance), suppressing femininity. Other reasons include:

  • Views on the sinfulness of sexual life.
  • Conflicts with men or mother, not wanting to resemble her.
  • Strict upbringing.
  • Grievances against the father.
  • Past dependent relationships.
  • Judgment and hatred towards men or self.
  • Negative parental example (lack of love and understanding, cohabitation out of duty).
  • Fear and resistance to life, insecurity about the future.

If the disease develops while in a relationship, it speaks of problems with the partner. The woman suffers from spiritual and physical dissatisfaction. Uterine bleeding signifies an inability to enjoy life and sexual pleasure due to old grievances and anger.

Sometimes, the issue indicates immature ideas or guilt over failing as a mother or wife. Healing requires learning forgiveness, becoming softer and more feminine. Love yourself and your body, know and use your attractiveness, live in harmony with yourself. Family psychotherapy may be necessary. If a married woman faces such diseases, the problem lies in the relationship with her partner.

Important! A woman’s anger may be directed at herself, her husband, or those criticizing her mothering or behavior.

Lise Bourbeau on Bleeding

Bleeding indicates a loss of life’s love and joy. The person denies themselves life’s pleasures. A woman suppresses fatigue, anxiety, unpleasant emotions, and personal desires. To heal, reevaluate your approach to life and sexuality. Revitalize this area, live according to your desires and pleasures.

Uterine bleeding reflects a fear of childbirth or anger at oneself for being a bad mother. It also shows an imbalance of masculine and feminine principles. The woman struggles with long-term, healthy relationships with men, lacks self-understanding, and subconsciously denies herself love and care. She puts herself last.

Important! Emotional suppression lowers uterine tone, while disobedience (protest), anxiety, and irritability increase it. Uterine health depends on how much a woman accepts her nature, values, and loves it. It’s crucial for a woman to embrace her sexuality and the potential to become a mother. She should embrace her potential as a life source, support, and inspiration for her husband and as a guardian of the home hearth.

Psychosomatics of Various Bleedings

Bleeding generally signals the loss of joy in life, with the bleeding organ or body part indicating where to search for flaws. Let’s examine some bleedings from the disease tables of Louise Hay and V. Zhikarentsev.

Bleeding Gums by V. Zhikarentsev

Cause: weakness and indecision, passivity in life. The person is unable to make decisions or assert their views. Healing affirmation: “I am decisive. I move forward through obstacles and support myself with love.”

Bleeding Gums by Louise Hay

According to Louise Hay, bleeding gums speak of life instability and indecision. Healing affirmation: “I am decisive. I fill myself and my thoughts with love.”

Gums (Bleeding) by Lise Bourbeau

According to Lise Bourbeau, bleeding gums indicate fear of implementing a decision that has already been made. The person fears potential consequences and is afraid to express their desires and needs, suffering from feelings of despair and helplessness.

For healing, it’s essential to determine how realistic fears are. Understand that past negative experiences don’t define your future. View mistakes as experiences and lessons. Don’t try to achieve everything at once. Believe in your strength and move towards your goal step by step.

Anorectal Bleeding by V. Zhikarentsev

Cause: anger, frustration. Healing affirmation: “I fully trust the process of life. Only right and good actions occur in my life.”

Anorectal Bleeding (Hematochezia) by Louise Hay

Cause: anger and irritation. Healing affirmation: “I trust life. My life has room only for good, right actions.”

Important! The risk of bleeding is higher in people who can’t express emotions, tend to keep everything inside, and in overly emotional, unbalanced, sensitive individuals.

Healing Methods

To overcome the problem, change your entire lifestyle, focusing first on finding a hobby or a passion. It’s a source of joy, always at your disposal. Choose any form of creativity you like and develop in that direction.

Research shows that 70% of women who allowed themselves to engage in long-desired activities could eliminate uterine fibroids without surgery. Other studies indicate that people engaged in their favorite activities live longer and have better health.

Gynecological bleedings in women indicate an unmet need for love and recognition. But to be loved and noticed by others, you must first love yourself and be satisfied with your life. Let go of past traumas and allow your abilities to emerge. Learn to see yourself as worthy of love and devotion, and then trust others, expecting good treatment from them.

Menstrual disorders are often linked to childhood traumas hidden in the subconscious. This is common in girls who were told in childhood that their parents wanted a boy instead. For working through old psychological traumas, it’s best to consult a psychotherapist.

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