Psychosomatics of Diseases by Dmitry Trotskiy

Dmitry Trotskiy is a chiromancer and a finalist of the 11th season of the “Battle of the Psychics” show. He is passionate about psychology and esotericism and currently leads seminars and training sessions on psychosomatics. Dmitry doesn’t publish books; all his insights are shared through live lectures and online. Based on his seminars and webinars, we’ve prepared a brief overview of his theories and self-improvement techniques.

Dmitry Trotskiy’s View on Psychosomatics

According to Dmitry Trotskiy, illness gives a person time to reflect. It’s an opportunity to be alone with oneself, analyze thoughts, words, actions, and deeds. Illness should be perceived as a teacher and the experience as a lesson. It’s essential to understand what mistakes the illness points to and what it teaches. Afterwards, thank the illness, express respect, and make corresponding changes in life.

Interesting fact! Dmitry began his practical activity to help people after he prevented his father’s death, noticing warnings on the lines of his hand.

Causes of Diseases

Dmitry Trotskiy on psychosomatics and disease causes:

  • Lack of life purpose and meaning.
  • Replacing personal needs and interests with others’ desires and goals.
  • Violating and ignoring the laws of the Universe.
  • Destructive life script (parental settings and psychological blocks).
  • Expecting benefits from illness, habitual sickness to achieve goals (formed if as a child one received parental care, attention, and gifts only when ill).
  • Following parents’ example.

Important! Dmitry has no medical education, as he informs his clients. However, his rich life experience enables him to assist others. Still, Dmitry’s advice should be considered as recommendations; consulting medical professionals and psychologists is also recommended.

Techniques for Self-Improvement

For healing, it’s essential to rethink one’s life. Analyze the health-related attitudes acquired in childhood and whether you understand the laws of the universe.

If a child is born sick, it indicates that the parents failed to reach an agreement or the child was born with a karmic debt to the parents. It’s possible the child is paying for the parents’ sins.

Healing success depends not on the disease’s specifics or nature (congenital or acquired) but on the relationships between the patient and their parents or others. For health, it’s important to accept and understand those around you.

How the psychosomatic mechanism works, or how to identify the mental cause of illness:

  1. Recall the age when you first felt unwell.
  2. Remember the people around you and the nature of your relationships.
  3. The cause of the ailment lies in these relationships.

Prohibit yourself from being ill and untangle the “knots” on the line of destiny. Knots represent unresolved conflicts, old resentments in relationships with the person linked to the illness (as per the previous plan).

Important! For healing, it’s necessary to identify and repay your moral debts. Also, cultivate positive emotions and feelings: love, tenderness, friendship, gratitude. It’s important to rid yourself of feelings like anger, envy, sadness, fear, and jealousy. Allow yourself to experience all feelings and emotions but learn to rationally rid yourself of negativity. Sincerity in relationships with yourself and others is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

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