Psychosomatics of Nausea

Nausea is an uncomfortable sensation in the epigastric area, chest, throat, and oral cavity, accompanied by the urge to vomit. Depending on the frequency of occurrence, spontaneous, periodic, and constant nausea are distinguished.

Symptoms of nausea include:

  • Weakness,
  • Decreased blood pressure,
  • Increased sweating,
  • Pale skin,
  • Chilled extremities,
  • Dizziness,
  • Darkening in the eyes,
  • Rapid breathing and pulse,
  • Chills, etc.

Nausea can arise both as a symptom of gastrointestinal tract diseases and as a result of a nervous breakdown. If, besides nausea, other clinical symptoms of gastrointestinal diseases are observed, it is advisable to consult a doctor. However, if other signs of gastrointestinal diseases are absent and nausea passes after nervous overload, then it is worth considering the psychological causes of nausea.

Nausea on a nervous basis is indicated by such signs as: loss of appetite, pain and rumbling in the stomach, nausea attacks, as well as dizziness, darkening in the eyes, pale skin, noise in the ears, stiffness of movements, cold sweat, etc.

Causes of nausea on a nervous basis include:

  1. Thoughts of possible nausea (as a reaction to stress remembered by the brain),
  2. Aerophagia (due to frequent breathing, some air enters the stomach and seeks to exit),
  3. Stress physiology (body’s release through toilet urges and vomiting as preparation for an ‘attack’), hypertonus of muscles, including stomach muscles.

Nausea in Neuroses Neuroses are mental disorders that arise due to constant psycho-emotional stress, lack of sleep, chronic fatigue, etc. In this case, the human body begins to work in an energy-saving mode, vegetative functions are disrupted, leading to dysfunction of the vomiting center in the brain and the appearance of nausea and vomiting. Such neurotic nausea can last several days.

Nausea in Fears, Phobias, and Panics

During fear, the body tries to help the person get rid of this negative feeling through the symbolic release of the stomach. In phobias, the human body acutely reacts (including with nausea) to the object (animal) causing a certain fear. Panic attacks as mental disorders arising under increased mental stress also have nausea as a bodily reaction to the irritant.

Psychosomatics of Nervous Nausea

The psychosomatics of nausea on a nervous basis is clearly revealed in the expression ‘I am disgusted by this (event, person)’. Aversion to food (as a symbol of information coming from the outside world) during nausea also helps to understand the essence of the problem. It follows that at the base of nervous nausea is the rejection of something that a person does not wish to have, which is difficult for them to digest in both literal and figurative senses (Bodo Baginski and others). Nausea can also manifest as a sign of protest (for example, a child subconsciously may protest against negative family relations). The emergence of neurotic nausea is associated by specialists with the weakness of a person’s nervous system. Often, it is observed in anxious and hypochondriacal people.

Psychological Causes of Nausea on a Nervous Basis in Psychosomatic Works Louise Hay sees the causes of nausea from nerves as fear, non-acceptance of ideas or circumstances. Lise Bourbeau writes that a person suffering from such nausea feels threatened by some person or event. What is happening causes disgust in such a person, as it does not align with their plans. According to the psychologist, disgust can also be caused by a specific person or object. Such a feeling can be associated with the fact that the person does not perceive what is happening objectively, but dramatizes.

It should be noted that Lise Bourbeau provides an interesting explanation for nausea in pregnant women: they have difficulty accepting the changes in their lives associated with pregnancy. They either feel disgust towards their changing body or fear losing freedom, disapproval from the father, etc. V. Sinelnikov asserts that in the language of the subconscious, nausea and vomiting mean that there is something (someone) in a person’s life that they do not accept and digest and from which (whom) they want to free themselves. Another cause of nausea on a nervous basis, according to Sinelnikov, is that a person experiences strong dislike and irreconcilability. In the doctor’s opinion, the subconscious mind of a person suffering from nausea refuses to accept a certain situation. As causes of this ailment, Sinelnikov particularly highlights the presence of various subconscious fears in the patient.

Paths to Healing Nausea on a Nervous Basis

First of all, it should be remembered that if nausea lasts more than a day and the person feels worse both mentally and physically, then urgent help from a psychotherapist is needed! In cases where nausea passes after stressful situations, the person suffering from this ailment can work on themselves independently.

The healing work is recommended to begin with finding the answer to the question ‘Why do I feel disgust towards this person (event, etc.)?’. It is important that your answers be direct and honest (otherwise, who are we trying to deceive, if not ourselves).

If the hidden cause of your nausea is found, then the second step will be to change your attitude towards the perceived problem that caused the nausea, from negative to positive.

For example, the answer is found: because I have to be such-and-such, wear a mask and be hypocritical due to the fear of breaking relationships with this person. The second step: we look for what can be positive here: this situation teaches to be oneself, not to betray oneself because of an illusory fear (why do you think that, knowing you as you are, this person will not want to communicate with you). Or: if this person breaks off relations with you because you, having dropped the mask, revealed your true self, then is it worth it for you to continue interacting with such a person, breaking yourself further?

That means it’s time to free yourself from such destructive relationships. Instead, other relationships will come if you have learned the lesson. In this way, any problem-cause can be analyzed. The key to your healing will be your ability to see the positive in any situation and to accept the lessons offered by wise Life.

Stay healthy!


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