Viilma Luule’s Disease Table

Viilma Luule is one of the well-known psychosomaticists, a psychologist-esotericist, parapsychologist, and Estonian gynecologist. She gained fame after publishing the series of books “The Doctrine of Survival.” Luule died in 2002, but her table of psychosomatic diseases is still in great demand.

Disease from Viilma Luule’s Perspective

The basis of any disease is stress. The severity of the disease can judge the strength of the stress. As soon as negative energy outweighs inside a person, they immediately fall ill. Such a state indicates that tension has reached its peak. The seriousness of diseases is directly related to the strength of stress: initially, there is poor well-being and general weakness, then swelling and inflammation, and then, if the tension does not subside, tumors appear.

Important! Neither stress nor diseases arise without a reason. They are the result of a person’s wrongful actions.

Psychological Causes of Diseases: Viilma Luule

According to Viilma Luule, brain diseases arise from a person’s dependency on education and knowledge, from worries about failure in knowledge. Rheumatism speaks of greed and desire for profit. The face skin reflects dishonesty, harshness, insensitivity. Let’s look in more detail at what else our body says.

Spine’s Connection with Life Principles

Life energy flows through the spine, branching in some areas and affecting other organs. Luule calls these points chakras.

Each has its name and meaning:

  • Root Chakra (coccyx area). Responsible for endurance, resilience, will, physical strength. Problems at this level indicate an unwillingness to live, insecurity, anger at stronger and more resilient people.
  • Pubic Chakra (navel area). The sphere of feelings and sexuality. Problems at this level indicate an inability to love, enjoy sex. It also speaks of shame and self-degradation.
  • Solar Plexus Chakra. The emotional center. Responsible for all emotions and self-realization of personality. If a person doesn’t understand their emotions, can’t express them, or suffers from suppression of their potential, then problems arise at the level of the solar plexus.
  • Heart Chakra. Responsible for love and compassion. Heart diseases arise from grudges, suppressing love, non-acceptance of oneself.
  • Throat Chakra. Responsible for communication skills, the ability to speak and defend one’s opinion. Problems in this area indicate helplessness, inability to live according to one’s desires and capabilities, fear of failure, feeling of rejection, envy of others.
  • Forehead Chakra. Responsible for the realization of desires and plans, mystical abilities. Dissatisfaction with one’s life and appearance, insatiability, disappointment in one’s ideas and ideals, the collapse of hopes lead to diseases at this chakra’s level.
  • Crown Chakra (crown area). Symbolizes connection with God, perfection. Meaninglessness and spiritual emptiness of life, constant stresses lead to pathologies at this level.

Important! If the spine is curved, it must be straightened before starting treatment.

Skin Diseases and Allergies

Allergies speak of anger. Most often, the body relieves tension through the skin:

  • Non-healing wounds indicate the accumulation of irritation, anger, and other negatives.
  • Itching suggests improper movement of life energy or blockage of its flow.
  • Dryness indicates suppression and anger.
  • Peeling indicates that negative energy urgently seeks an exit.
  • Red spots signal a combination of fear and anger.
  • Psoriasis speaks of mental abuse.
  • Oily skin is typical of intolerant people who express negativity directly.
  • Pigment spots signal a lack of recognition, self-respect, self-realization. In children, skin problems arise from conflicts with the mother and stress in her life.

Spine and Joint Diseases

The state of the spine and joints can reflect a person’s life principles. The spine curves if a person tries to please everyone. If a child’s spine curves, it suggests a desire to please the parents. Curving to the right indicates a desire to please the mother, to the left – the father. Important! If you have a sedentary job, it is essential to regularly stretch and exercise your spine. Do a set of exercises twice a day, repeating each 10–15 times.

Nervous System Diseases

The nervous system is responsible for perceiving and analyzing information, and responding to it. Neurons absorb our emotions. If a person receives positive emotions and the nerves are healthy, information is quickly processed. Unnecessary data is forgotten, while useful information becomes knowledge, experience, wisdom.

Let’s look more closely at the psychosomatic causes of some neurological diseases:

  • Down syndrome affects children whose mothers want to seem smarter than they are.
  • Neurasthenia affects empty people, those who operate with knowledge and other people’s ideas but have no opinion of their own.
  • Insomnia develops due to feelings of shame and guilt, fear. People suffer because of what happens in the world, their inability to help everyone.
  • Parkinson’s syndrome arises from realizing the futility of efforts. A person suffers because, despite all efforts, he does not bring benefit to others.
  • Spastic paralysis is a disease of those who constantly force themselves.
  • Depression develops because a person is ashamed of their feelings. Interesting! In a very strong person, hardened by life’s difficulties, the nervous system is strong but fragile. Any new challenge can make such a person insensitive and indifferent.

Digestive System Diseases

Gastrointestinal diseases arise not only from a person’s internal negativity but also from food prepared in a bad mood. Food cooked under negative conditions is considered poisoned. Let’s consider the causes of some gastrointestinal diseases:

  • Esophageal spasm – fear of moving forward.
  • Food entering the respiratory tract – failure to separate work and personal life.
  • Stomach spasm – fear of failure, reluctance to work.
  • Gastritis – anger.
  • Ulcer – escalating anger.
  • Cancer – the next stage of ulcer development, reflects continued accumulation of anger.
  • Inflammation of the duodenum – inability to finish what has started, tendency to shift responsibility to others.
  • Diarrhea – haste, lack of time for personal life.
  • Poor nutrient absorption – inability to absorb life’s wisdom.
  • Appendicitis – anger bursting out.
  • Diseases of the cecum – procrastination.
  • Diseases of the colon – indecision, fear of taking risks.
  • Diseases of the large intestine – anger, rash actions.
  • Diseases of the rectum – dissatisfaction with work, blaming others for failures.

Female Diseases

Female diseases speak of a girl’s rejection of her appearance and destiny. Let’s consider the specific causes of some diseases:

  • Irregular periods – shame for attraction to the opposite sex, denial of femininity, perception of sex as sinful.
  • Absence of menstruation – striving to prove purity, to wash away sin.
  • Heavy bleeding – striving to prove innocence, sinlessness.
  • Dryness of the mucous membrane – excessive preoccupation with appearance, physical shell.
  • Bleeding during pregnancy – a desire for revenge on those who accuse the woman of poor maternal performance.
  • Breast diseases – fear of close relationships, shame at the thought of love between a woman and a man.
  • Breast cancer – accumulated dissatisfaction with the husband, unfulfilled desires, poor treatment by the husband.

Important! Forgiveness leads to awareness, and awareness leads to wisdom.

Fears and Their Placement in Humans

Fear and anger are two primary emotions that cause diseases. However, each ailment corresponds to its own fear. Let’s examine the most common ones:

  • Fear of loneliness and unlove becomes the cause of skin, lung, and heart diseases. Children, who karmically inherit this fear, are born with heart defects. Besides physical pathologies, the fear of loneliness causes psychological disorders: imbalance, cognitive weaknesses, ADHD. People with these problems are stubborn and indifferent, unable to admit their mistakes.
  • Fear of being accused by others of coldness and lack of love. Leads to heart diseases and tuberculosis.
  • Fear of guilt. Causes liver, heart, and gastrointestinal diseases.
  • Fear of financial failure. More common in men, when they are criticized for not being able to provide for the family. This fear results in sexual weakness, decreased libido, and potency. In women, it causes diseases of female organs, and the fear arises if the woman encroaches on male duties.
  • Fear of economic collapse. Causes diseases of the genitourinary system and lower limb diseases.

Dr. Luule Viilma’s Method: Stress Release

Disease is the result of negative thinking, destructive attitudes, self-rejection. For healing, Luule recommends accepting oneself, forgiving mistakes, accepting past experiences, learning to control thoughts and emotions.

Accept the fact that we cannot control everything, but we can control our perception of the situation, change our attitude towards it. Perception depends on our mood. To get rid of stress, you need to go back to the past, analyze your actions, change your attitude towards them. Stress arose from your mistakes, from incorrectly positioning yourself in society.

Important! It is necessary to constantly learn about oneself, develop, and get rid of negativity. A person with negative thoughts, lack of self-love, and world-love becomes a magnet for diseases and misfortunes. Life is a constant flow of energy. A person must also be in constant motion.

Developing Self-Love

Self-love, self-acceptance starts with self-forgiveness. The more you learn about yourself, the more reasons you will find within, and the more negativity you will face. It is important to accept it and the fact that your life is the result of your actions exclusively. Only after accepting and forgiving ourselves can we accept and forgive others.

Disease Table and Their Causes

Luule Viilma has compiled a table of disease causes and selected affirmations for each case.

DiseasePsychological FactorsAffirmation
AllergyIrritation, fear of "being unloved"The outside world is kind to me
ArthritisResentment, fear of lonelinessI don't hold grudges against people for their attitude towards me
AsthmaFear of life (suppressed or unconscious)I am open to life
InfertilityFear of parenthoodI am ready to take responsibility
GastritisFeeling of hopelessnessEverything is in my hands, I will find a solution
HemorrhoidsAnger and rage turned towards the past, suppressed irritability as a character traitI forgive the past, let go of grudges. I radiate positivity
GynecologyDenial of femininity, one's bodyI love my body, it's the best
EyesReluctance to see what's happening now in lifeI enjoy looking at my life, I live for my pleasure
HerniaOverexertion, exhaustionI am calm and relaxed
GumsInability to make a decisionI have the strength to make a decision and cope with its consequences
StomachFear of the unknownI am not afraid of changes, changes contribute to my development
TeethInability to persuade, underdeveloped analytical thinkingI am firm in my thoughts and actions, my judgments are correct
IntestineInability to let go of something outdatedI easily let go of the past, changes contribute to my development
LungsInability to live a full life, enjoy lifeI live vividly and interestingly, I enjoy life
ThrushOld unexpressed resentment towards a partnerI accept and forgive my partner
Runny noseVictim roleI love life, I allow myself to live for myself
TumorsStubbornness, guilt, hatred, reluctance to let go of old beliefsI wish no evil to anyone and do not impose my opinion. I am busy with my life and live as I want
LiverApathy, loss of interest in life, tearfulnessI am open to life and my environment, I enjoy life
KidneysDisappointment, shame, failureI do everything right, I deserve respect
PsoriasisFear of losing respectI am worthy of respect, I deserve the best
EarsAnger, unwillingness to hear somethingI only hear pleasant and positive information
CelluliteHatred, non acceptance of something (oneself or someone else)I radiate love to everything that surrounds me, and to myself
EpilepsyInternal conflict, persecution maniaI live in harmony with myself

Explanations for all diseases can be found in the books of the author:

  • “Soul Light”,
  • “To Stay or To Go”,
  • “Kind to Yourself”,
  • “Warmth of Hope”,
  • “Bright Source of Love”,
  • “Pain in Your Heart”,
  • “In Harmony with Oneself”,
  • “True and False Forgiveness”.

Based on these books, we have compiled a comprehensive table of other diseases and their causes.

Adenoids in childrenParents don't listen to or understand their child, adenoids are swallowed tears of sadness
AlcoholismSelf disrespect, guilt, loss of life's purpose, fear of loneliness
AnginaAnger that makes one want to scream
AnorexiaGuilt, feeling of helplessness, fear of coercion
Muscle AtrophySelf-sacrifice
Bacterial and Fungal InfectionsMental imbalance, unexpressed emotions
MyopiaFear of the future
PainAnger, feeling of helplessness, searching for a scapegoat
BulimiaDisgust with current life, desire to live differently
Vein DiseasesAnger towards the opposite sex
Thymus Gland DiseasesDesire to be respected, significant
Viral DiseasesDesire to leave home and life
Excess WeightRepression of desires, striving to be honest combined with fear of being bad
Ligament InflammationMalicious criticism
Double ChinVanity, egoism
MiscarriageShame due to pregnancy
Gas FormationDesire to change another person, impose beliefs
SinusitisHidden resentment
FluDissatisfaction with oneself
Gum BleedingRevenge, desire to retaliate against the cause of troubles
DysbiosisContradictory attitude towards the actions of others
Gallstone DiseaseAnger and fear of expressing it
DependenciesSelf-punishment, feeling that nobody loves them
Delayed Intellectual Development in ChildrenParental violence over a child's soul
HeartburnCoercion and fear
HiccupsAnxiety over loss of life's meaning
StrokeThirst for revenge
CystUncried sadness
Internal BleedingDesire to seem better than one really is
Nosebleeds in ChildrenAnger, resentment, feeling of helplessness
Elbow ProblemsDesire to stand out from the crowd
Anemia in ChildrenMother's resentment and irritation towards the father, accusations of not being able to provide for the family
Senile MarasmusDesire for an easy life
Meniscus InjuriesResentment towards those who betrayed, knocked the ground from under their feet
Bladder InflammationFeeling of humiliation, desire to earn recognition for one's work
Adrenal Gland DiseasesChronic fears
Urinary Incontinence in ChildrenFear of the child or mother for the father
ObesityImposing one's opinion on others, greed, desire for protection
EdemaConstant anger and sadness
PleurisyAnger due to restriction of freedom
Weight LossDesire to give others everything you have
VomitingFear of the future, disgust
DiabetesProtest against orders
SclerosisRigidity of thought
General WeaknessSelf-pity
AIDSEmotional emptiness
Calf Muscle CrampsFear of moving forward
Elevated TemperatureExhaustion
PhlebitisAnger related to finances
SnoringRelationship problems with people
Chronic DiseasesShame, fear of disgrace
Thyroid Gland DiseasesFear of "bending" under life
EczemaPanic anger

How to Work with the Table and Healing Affirmation

In the first column, there are names of diseases (in alphabetical order), in the second – psychological causes of diseases, and in the third – an affirmation for healing. Find your disease, familiarize yourself with the causes, and analyze your condition, then verbalize the affirmation.

Important! If you do not find your disease or its causes in the table, you should analyze your condition independently and create a unique affirmation. Alternatively, you can refer to the tables of other psychosomaticists, like Louise Hay.

Affirmations for Various Diseases

An affirmation is a positive statement that changes a person’s thinking. Positive thought forms should be repeated twice daily. For best results, combine them with psychotherapy and a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s consider the main human organs and affirmations for them:

OrganWhat It SymbolizesAffirmation
SpineFlow of life energy, freedom, confidenceMy body and brain are flexible and adaptable.
HeartLove and joyMy heart knows how to love, it radiates joy throughout my body, transmitting love to myself and others.
HeadPositive thoughtsMy head thinks easily and calmly.
EyesPerception of the world's beautyMy eyes see only the beautiful.
EarsHearing the harmony of the worldI listen to everyone who prays for love.
HandsJoy and ease of changeI gladly accept changes, everything works out for me.
NervesSensations, feelings, communication sphereI am relaxed, focused, and calm.

Cleansing the Body on Physical and Energetic Levels

You’ve likely heard about the importance of a healthy and fast metabolism and the need to eliminate toxins and waste. But have you considered that such cleansing is necessary on an energetic level?

On the physical level, it’s about the process of anabolism (creation) and catabolism (breakdown). Spiritually, it’s about the desire to give and receive. When there is an imbalance in either direction, diseases develop. This is the equivalent of slagging on a mental level. It’s not healthy to only give or only take.

If you take care of mental cleansing, physical cleansing will naturally follow. The lymphatic system embodies the essence of a person. Under the influence of fear, vessels constrict, worsening blood flow and hindering the elimination of toxins.

Conversely, in overly bold individuals, vessels are dilated, reducing pressure in them. This again leads to poor blood flow and inadequate cleansing. A balance of healthy fear and decisiveness is important.

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