Zhikarentsev’s Disease Table

V. Zhikarentsev – philosopher, psychologist, author of books, training leader, founder of the educational center “School of Peace”. The healer is known for his books on the karmic causes of diseases and the table of psychosomatic diseases.

Psychosomatics According to Zhikarentsev

According to V. Zhikarentsev, diseases arise from negative thoughts and karmic pollution. To maintain health, it’s important to control emotions. As the psychologist asserts, even congenital pathologies and hereditary diseases have a psychosomatic component, suggesting that a person karmically pays for the sins of ancestors.

The author identifies seven causes of psychosomatic diseases:

  1. Conscious or unconscious internal conflict.
  2. Self-suggestion, materialization of thoughts (frequent repetition of phrases like “I have a headache”).
  3. Subconscious desire to rest, benefit from illness.
  4. Fixation on negative past experiences.
  5. Taking on the illness of a loved one.
  6. Suggestibility (getting sick due to the influence of others, media).
  7. Need for punishment due to chronic guilt.

Zhikarentsev explains how to unite the inner and outer self. Harmony of soul and body prevents psychological, emotional, and physical problems.

Impact of Emotions on Human Health

Emotions reflect our perception. Events and situations are neutral; we color them. Consequently, we are the source of our emotions. The emotions we experience most often create and characterize our emotional background, which in turn affects overall well-being, cognitive abilities, activity, thoughts.

A negative emotional background leads to a narrowed perspective, development of diseases, memory and attention problems. If emotions are uncontrolled, there is constant chaos in the mind, making it difficult to make correct, thoughtful, and objective decisions.

V. Zhikarentsev identified five personality types:

  • Calm,
  • Excited,
  • Cheerful,
  • Sad,
  • Depressed.

It’s important! When analyzing a person’s emotions, their personal experience and genetics should be considered. Emotional state depends on the quality of a person’s judgments about life, their interaction with the environment.

Mechanism and Primary Causes of Psychosomatic Diseases

The causes of psychosomatic diseases are stress, chronic tension, and repressed emotions. Other factors that contribute to psychosomatics include:

  • High anxiety;
  • Imaginary or real fears and phobias;
  • Grudge;
  • Disappointment;
  • Anger.

These factors affect mental and physical health. The longer the tension lasts, the weaker the overall immunity and the more unstable the mental state becomes. However, each disease corresponds to its difficult situation and negative mindset. These observations were compiled into a table of psychosomatic diseases by the psychologist.

It’s important! Negative thoughts can be conscious and unconscious. In the latter case, it is difficult to identify the causes of psychosomatics and heal them independently. For working through deep psychological traumas and old negative mindsets, consulting a psychotherapist is necessary.

Metaphysics According to Zhikarentsev

Metaphysics is a philosophical direction studying the primary causes of events in reality. In our case, it refers to the karmic primary causes of physical diseases. The human psyche and body are inextricably linked with the Universe. It hears our thoughts and provides a response that matches the sent signal.

If you are convinced of the awfulness of your life, constantly affirm that everything is bad and you are incapable, the Universe will confirm these thoughts – failures, misfortune, diseases. But if you believe in yourself, love yourself and everything around you, then the Universe assists in all endeavors.

Zhikarentsev’s Disease Theory and Model

Zhikarentsev’s theoretical table was developed based on the practical activities of the psychologist. He researched and identified common traits among clients with similar diagnoses. Here are the conclusions the psychologist reached:

  • Somatic neurosis directly depends on the emotional state of a person;
  • Those who cannot express their emotions and feelings, which then settle at the bottom and continue to affect the person, often seek therapy;
  • The development and characteristics of the course of a disease are influenced by extreme situations and chronic stresses;
  • Psychological conflict continues in physical conflict, reflecting the behavioral model of the personality.

A disease arises in response to the attitudes, desires, and aversions of the individual. And until a person changes their way of thinking and lifestyle, difficult situations and diseases will return again and again.

Psychosomatic Disease Table

In the book “The Path to Freedom. Karmic Causes of Problems, or How to Change Your Life,” the psychologist presented an alphabetical directory of diseases, their psychological causes, and affirmations for healing. We invite you to get acquainted with Zhikarentsev’s table of diseases.

DiseaseProbable Cause of DiseaseNew Thought
AbscessFeeling of infringement, resentment towards those who caused pain and were inattentiveI let go of the past, there is peace in my soul
AdenoidsThe child feels unwanted, family conflictsThis is a desired and loved child, their birth was accompanied by joy
Addison's DiseaseAnger turned inward, lack of emotions in lifeI love myself, care for my body, mind, and emotions
Adrenal Diseases (Adrenal Disorders)Anxiety, inability to take care of oneselfI love and support myself. It's safe to care for myself. My thoughts are pure and kind.
Alzheimer's DiseaseDesire to leave the planet and life, rejection of reality, anger, feeling of hopelessnessEverything in life has meaning. Everything that happens is needed by the Universe and me. Everything makes sense.
AlcoholismFeeling of life's meaninglessness, guilt, concerns over futile existence, self-rejectionEvery moment of my life is beautiful and important. I live in the here and now. I love and support myself, I am a valuable member of society.
AllergyDenial of one's strength, rejection of someoneThe world is safe, people around me are friendly. I live in harmony with the outside world and myself.
AmenorrheaDenial of femininity, self-rejectionI value, love, and accept my femininity, I love myself. It feels good to be in this body.
AmnesiaFear, desire to escape from life, helplessnessI have enough wisdom and courage to deal with everything. I value myself. It's safe to live.
AnginaInability to stand up for oneself, defend beliefs and needsI have the right to respect and for others to consider my opinion. I easily ask for what I need.
AnemiaJoyless existence, fear of life, low self-esteem, fixation on problemsMy life is safe. I enjoy life and what I do.
AnorexiaSelf-rejection, fear of lifeI am a good person, it's safe to be myself. I accept myself.
AnusPoint of release from the old, destruction of personal baggageI easily let go of the past
ApathySelf-repression, fear, suppression of feelingsIt's safe to feel. I am open to life.
Apoplexy, SeizureDesire to escape reality, responsibilityIt's safe to live. I love and accept myself, life.
AppendicitisFear of life, lack of joy in lifeIt's safe to live. I am relaxed and joyfully accept everything that happens.
Appetite (changes)Sense of danger, fear, feeling of shame about emotionsIt's safe to feel and live. I accept myself, others accept me.
ArteriesCarry life energyJoy flows in me, it fills me
ArteriosclerosisNarrow-mindedness, pessimistic view of the world, tensionI am open to life, I let in joy and kindness
ArthritisResentment, anger, indignation, lack of loveI radiate love. I support myself, others support me.
AsthmaSuffocating care, inability to be oneself, inability to breathe fully, suppressed cryingI choose freedom and take responsibility for my own life
Childhood AsthmaDesire to escape from life, fear of lifeFor this child, life is safe, they are loved by their surroundings.
Hip (problems)Indecision, fear of moving forward, lack of goals and meaning in lifeI always maintain balance, moving forward is easy and joyful
InfertilityUnwillingness to be parents, fear and resistance to the flow of lifeI trust the Universe. Everything happens in its time and right place. I love and support myself.
AnxietyMistrust of lifeLife is safe, I trust the Universe, love and support myself.
InsomniaGuilt, fearI let go of the past and calmly fall asleep
RabiesBelief in the power of violence, angerThere is peace and tranquility in my soul
PainLack of love, guilt, need for punishmentI love and support myself, I deserve love
Boils, Wounds, UlcersSuppressed angerI let go of anger, love and enjoy life
WartsDislike of oneself, hatredI am an embodiment of love and joy
BronchitisFamily conflictsHarmony and peace are inside and around me
BursitisDesire for revenge, suppressed angerLove lives in me
VaginitisGuilt associated with sexuality, hatred of a partnerI accept my sexuality, there is goodness around me
Venereal DiseasesGuilt associated with sexuality, need for punishmentI accept my sexuality, it's normal to enjoy my body
Varicose VeinsExhaustion, lack of energy, hatred of the situationI do everything right, I walk through life easily and with love
Excess WeightFear, need for love, lack of self-realization, suppression of feelingsI live in harmony with my feelings, I am safe
Epstein-Barr VirusInsecurity, predominance of environmental demands over personal capabilitiesI am perfect and where I should be. I have the strength to overcome all difficulties.
VitiligoFeeling of alienationMy place is at the center of life
Edema, SwellingDesire to get rid of someone or somethingI let go of the past, now nothing threatens me
Blisters, Water BubblesLack of emotional protection, protest of lifeEverything is good, my life goes on
HairinessFear, slightly expressed anger, tendency to shift responsibility onto othersI release my anger and now live in peace with myself and others
Gray HairExhaustionI am calm, comfortable. I am strong and can achieve whatever I want.
Lupus, Skin TuberculosisInability to stand up for oneselfI easily express my needs
InflammationFear, fixation on problemsMy thoughts are calm
Gases, Accumulation, BloatingUndigested ideas, fearsI am relaxed and allow life to flow in me
GangreneJoy drowns in dirty thoughtsI choose joyful and harmonious thoughts full of love, I open myself to the future
GastritisInsecurity, uncertainty, anger at fateLife wishes me only the best. I love and support myself.
HemorrhoidsFear of crossing the line, anger about the past, inability to let go of the situationI let go of everything but love
Genital Organs (problems)Doubts about one's attractivenessI am perfect, I love and accept myself
HepatitisRage, anger, unwillingness to accept new and changeMy mind is clean, I say goodbye to the old and accept the new
HyperactivityPressure from outside, fearI calmly move through life, it's safe to live
HyperventilationMistrust of life, resistance, fear of the unknownI trust the Universe, it's safe to live
Pituitary (diseases)Mental and intellectual instability, restless mindMy body and thoughts are in harmony
Eyes (problems):Unwillingness to see realityI create my own life, I like to look at it
DeafnessUnwillingness to hear somethingI like to hear what surrounds me
Shin (problems)Collapse of previous values and idealsI am happy to change, development is impossible without change
HeadacheInferiority complex, low self-esteem, self-criticismI love and accept myself, my actions are correct
DizzinessUnwillingness to see what is happening, escape from realityI attentively look at what surrounds me. Living is interesting and safe.
GonorrheaSelf-blame, need for punishmentI am a good person, I love and accept myself
Throat (diseases)Lack of self-realization, unexpressed angerI confidently speak about myself and my needs
Breast (diseases)Self-sacrifice, hyper-care about loved ones, overprotectionI allow myself to be myself, I give freedom to myself and others
HerniaLack of creativity, exhaustionI can be myself, I live in harmony with myself and others
DepressionSuppressed desires, unrecognized anger, feeling of hopelessnessI have the right to get what I need for joy and development. Life gives me only the best.
Gums (bleeding)Joyless decisionsMy actions are correct, there is peace in my soul
Gums (problems)Weakness, indecision, inability to implement a decisionI have enough strength to overcome all obstacles on the way to happiness. I boldly go forward.
Children's DiseasesInfantilism of adults, belief in erroneous idealsThis child is protected by God, they are loved and cared for.
DiabetesRegret over missed opportunities, dissatisfaction with lifeEvery moment of my life is filled with joy, I feel its freshness and sweetness
DiarrheaDesire to get rid of something quickly, fear, attempts to escape from somethingI live in peace with myself and others, maintain a balance of acceptance and giving
Disc (displacement)Indecision, lack of support in lifeMy thoughts are clean, supported by the Universe itself
DysmenorrheaAnger and resentment towards mother, rejection of femininityI accept my nature, I like my body
Muscular DystrophyUnderestimation of one's dignity and successesI am a unique and wise person, my successes are well-deserved.
Breathing (problems)Prohibition on living a full life, feeling unworthy of lifeI have the right to live, I deserve a happy life and love.
Stomach (diseases)Fear of the unknown, inability to accept and digest something newI live in harmony. The universe gives me only the best. Everything new is necessary for my development.
JaundicePrejudice, envyI am tolerant, I radiate compassion and love.
GallstonesPride, bitterness, heaviness in the soulI and life are beautiful, I joyfully free myself from the past.
Female DiseasesDenial of femininity, appearance, female destinyIt's nice to be a woman. Glad to be in this body.
FatNeed for protection, hypersensitivity, offense, suppressed angerThe universe protects and loves me, I am safe.
StutteringSuppressed tears, lack of self-expression, need for protectionI have the right to say what I want. I can stand up for myself.
ConstipationTorment of the past, fixation on old ideasI let go of the past, I welcome a fresh future into my life.
GoiterVictim position, hatred of offendersI allow myself to be myself, now only I am the authority.
Teeth (diseases)Indecision, underdeveloped analytical thinkingOnly correct thoughts and actions are present in my life, I calmly make decisions.
ItchConflict between desires and reality, torments of conscience, desire to step away from the situationI am comfortable being here. I know all my needs and desires will be fulfilled.
HeartburnVery strong fearLiving is safe, I trust life.
ImpotenceGuilt, pressure from women, fear and anger towards motherI allow my sexuality to operate at full strength.
InfectionOffense, anger, irritationI am calm, harmony lives in me.
SciaticaFear of the future and financial difficulties, excessive self-criticismMy life and my path are safe, I am heading towards my happiness.
CandidiasisAnger, disappointment, feeling of hopelessness, conflict, distrustI respect and value other people, trust them. I allow myself to be myself.
CataractUnclear future, fear of looking forwardMy life is full of joy, every new meeting brings even more happiness.
CoughAttempt to declare oneselfI have enough attention.
CystNurturing old offenses and wounds, wallowing in your griefImages of the present are beautiful, I say goodbye to the past.
Intestine (diseases)Inability to let go of the past and accept something newI easily let go of the past, now I am free and open to the new.
MenopauseFear of losing attractiveness, non-acceptance of oneselfThe change of cycle does not affect my attractiveness and well-being. I accept and support myself.
Skin (diseases)Sense of danger, anxiety, deep negativityThe universe and joyful thoughts protect me, the past is over.
Knees (problems)Stubbornness, prideI am ready to make concessions, ready to show forgiveness, understanding, compassion.
Colic, sharp painsImpatience, offense, irritationEverything around is filled with care and love. Everything has its time.
ColitisFear, pressure, need for love, suppressionI love and support myself, I am the master of life and a winner.
Lump in throatFear, distrust of lifeLiving is safe.
ComaFear, escape from realityEverything around contributes to your healing.
HivesMinor fears, tendency to exaggerate problemsMy life is filled with harmony.
BleedingLoss of joy, angerI am joy, I give it and I receive it.
Anorectal BleedingAnger, frustration, crushed hopesEverything in my life is right and good.
Blood DiseasesLack of ideas and joyJoy and new ideas are bubbling inside me.
Blood Pressure:
HighOld emotional problemI am ready to let go of the past, I have the strength to solve the problem.
LowDisappointment in oneself and one's actions, lack of loveI choose to live in joy and love, I succeed in everything.
LaryngitisUpset and offense combined with inability to express one's opinionI am free, I can ask for what I want.
Lung (diseases)Depression, inability to enjoyI allow myself to enjoy life.
Lymph (diseases)Material values prevail over spiritual, over love and joyMy mind is calm, I focus on love and joy.
Lymph Nodes, TumorSelf-blame, guilt, need to prove one's worth and valueI am happy and good, I don't need to try to earn love and recognition.
FeverRageI am calm, I radiate peace and love.
Face (sagging features)Offense at life, misunderstanding of lifeEverything in my life is wonderful, I allow myself to experience joy and preserve youth.
BaldnessDistrust, tension, need to control everything, fearLiving is safe. I trust the Universe, love and support myself.
MalariaDisharmony with natureI live in harmony with nature.
Uterus (diseases)Need for safety, disappointment, frustrationI make the right decisions, my actions are effective.
Meningitis of the Spinal CordAnger at fate, inflamed thinking, chaos in thoughts, family conflicts, lack of supportI am responsible for harmony and peace in my body, soul, and mind. All is well. I live in love and safety.
MigraineResistance to life, sexual fearsI am relaxed and calmly float along the stream of life. The Universe gives me everything I need.
Corns (usually on feet)Hardened thoughts, attachment to the pastI forgive and let go of old pain, now I rejoice in new life.
SeasicknessFear of death, lack of controlPeace and tranquility accompany me everywhere. I trust the Universe.
Urinary Incontinence (Enuresis)Fear of parents, usually the fatherThis child is loved, cared for, and shown compassion.
Bladder (infection)Accusations towards others, humiliation by a loved oneI am ready to change, I let go of this pattern from my consciousness.
Bladder (cystitis)Anxiety, restlessness, infringement of self-esteemI am safe, all is well.
NeuralgiaCommunication problems, need for punishmentI forgive myself, love and support myself. Communication brings me joy.
Incorrect Posture, Head PositionFear of the future, postponing life for laterEverything in my life happens in time, I live now.
Nervous DisorderSelf-absorption, escape from realityMy heart is open to other people, reality is safe.
NervousnessInternal struggleI have enough time, I constantly listen to my heart.
AccidentsResistance to authority, inability to express one's needsI deserve love and attention, I have the right to freedom and to express my opinion.
FaintingFear, desire to escape realityI have enough strength to deal with difficulties.
BurnsRage, irritationHarmony is inside and around me, I deserve the best.
SwellingMental overloadMy thoughts are clear and light, I easily navigate through them.
Tumors, GrowthsOld offensesI forgive and let go of the past.
OsteomyelitisMisunderstanding by others, anger and indignation due to life's arrangementI trust the process of life, I have peace in my soul.
OsteoporosisLack of supportI trust the Universe, it leads me.
OtitisConflicts, unwillingness to hear something, angerI live in harmony, I hear only pleasant words. I have enough support and understanding.
BelchingFear, greedI have enough time to realize my desires.
Numbness, Insensitivity, StiffnessSpiritual death, loss of warm feelingsI respond to warm feelings, willingly share my warmth.
Harmful HabitsSelf-rejection, escape from lifeI am wonderful, I love myself and enjoy myself.
PancreatitisRejection of something, worries that life has lost its freshnessI trust and love myself, I like my life.
ParasitesSubordination to other peopleI have enough strength to take responsibility for my own life.
ParalysisParalyzing fear, resistanceI always maintain rationality, nothing threatens me.
Parkinson's DiseaseFear and strong desire to control everythingI trust the flow of life, therefore I relax.
Liver (problems)Fastidiousness, constant dissatisfactionI find love and positivity everywhere.
Esophagus (diseases)Collapse of beliefs, inability to take what is needed from lifeI have enough of what I have. I stand firmly on my feet.
Food PoisoningNeed for protection, dependence on other peopleI accept my individuality. I have enough strength and courage to solve problems independently.
Stooped ShouldersBurden of life's obligationsI stand firmly on my feet, I remove unnecessary obligations.
Spine (curvature)Lack of support in life, distrust, disharmonyI get rid of fears, now I trust life.
CutsPunishment for not following your own rulesIt's safe to follow oneself.
Kidneys (diseases)Childish reactions, disappointment in oneself, feelings of inadequacyEvery experience is beneficial, it's safe to rejoice and grow up.
LeprosyBelief "I am bad," inability to control one's lifeI am above limitations, God leads me.
Prostate (diseases)Guilt, pressure, fearsI love and accept myself, I believe in my strength.
Cold, Runny NoseSelf-suggestion, too much piled up, chaos in thoughtsEverything is clear to me, I live in harmony. I allow my mind to relax and rest.
AcneRejection of one's appearanceI accept myself as I am.
PsoriasisSuppression of feelings, fear of being humiliatedI worthily accept everything that life gives.
Multiple SclerosisRigidity, hardness, anger, inflexible thinkingI choose joyful thoughts full of love and create a joyful world. I am safe. I am free.
Ligament StretchRage, unwillingness to go in the indicated directionThere is peace inside me. I trust life, I allow myself to lead.
RicketsLack of love and safetyThe universe loves me, I am safe.
VomitingFear of the new, rejection of somethingI happily accept the new, it is beneficial for my development.
RheumatismBitterness, outrage, feeling of being a victimOnly I am responsible for my experience and feelings. I love myself and others.
Respiratory DiseasesFear of living a full lifeLife gives me joy, support, love.
Bruises, HematomasSelf-punishmentMy life is beautiful.
Adhesions in the AbdomenFear, desire to stop the processI trust the flow of life, the Universe cares about me.
AIDSNon-acceptance of oneself, guilt about sexuality, belief "I am bad"I love myself and rejoice in everything I have. I allow myself to enjoy my sexuality.
Cramps, SpasmsTightness, desire to hold onto somethingI am relaxed and calm.
Tics, TwitchesFear, persecution maniaLiving is safe, nothing threatens me.
TonsillitisFear, unexpressed creative potential, suppressed emotionsThe universe broadcasts its ideas through me, there is peace and tranquility inside me.
NauseaFear, denial of ideas or experienceI trust the Universe, the flow of life is safe, it brings only experience.
TuberculosisEgoism, cruelty, vindictivenessI love and accept myself, thus creating a kind world around me.
Choking AttacksDistrust of life, immaturityGrowing and developing is safe.
InsanityEscape from realityMy mind is created for creation. It is a place of divine self-expression.
Urethra (inflammation)Anger, feeling of humiliationThere is only room for love in my life.
FrigidityFear of the father, perception of sex as sinfulI like being a woman, it's safe to enjoy my body.
BoilsBoiling angerThere is peace, love, and joy inside me.
SnoringUnwillingness to get rid of old patternsI free my mind from everything that is not like love and joy. I am moving towards a bright future.
Chronic DiseasesFeeling of danger, fear of changeI am ready to change and grow. I am creating a new and safe future.
CelluliteChildhood traumas, self-punishment, uncertainty in lifeI forgive myself and others. Everything I have experienced remains in the past.
Jaw (problems)Anger, offense, desire for revengeI am ready to change my thoughts and behavior to change the situation.
EczemaDenial, protestIt's safe around me, there is peace, harmony, and joy inside and around me.
EpilepsySelf-coercion, persecution mania, unwillingness to liveMy life is joyful, I will live forever.
UlcerSomething gnawing insideI love and accept myself, there is peace inside me.

In a separate table, Zhikarentsev included problems with the spine. The psychologist explained the significance of each vertebra.

VertebraPsychosomatic Reason
C - 1Fear, doubt, dependence on others' opinions
C - 2Indecision, unwillingness to learn
C - 3Pangs of conscience, guilt, too many responsibilities, taking on others' responsibilities
C - 4Unshed tears, suppressed emotions, anger, guilt
C - 5Heaviness, fear of self-expression, fear of being ridiculed
C - 6Exhaustion, resistance, rigidity
C - 7Inability to achieve goals, anger, helplessness
T - 1Fear of living, fear of responsibility
T - 2Ban on feelings due to old traumas and past pain
T - 3Communication problems, old traumas, chaos in thoughts and soul
T - 4Condemnation of others, bitterness
T - 5Suppression of emotions
T - 6Resentment and anger at life, fear of the future, self-rejection
T - 7Ban on enjoying life, old pain
T - 8Fear of failure, subconscious self-sabotage
T - 9Victim mentality, resentment towards life and others
T - 10Victim mentality, blaming others, inability to take responsibility
T - 11Communication issues, low self-esteem
T - 12Feeling unworthy of life, forbidding to experience love, sensing danger, inability to accept something
L - 1Need for security, fear of loneliness, longing for love
L - 2Childhood traumas, feeling of hopelessness
L - 3Self-hatred, guilt, and offense related to sex
L - 4Denial of sexuality, refusal of sex, financial instability, career fear, powerlessness
L - 5Need for security, communication problems, anger, inability to enjoy and find pleasure
SacrumLack of strength, old anger
CoccyxStubbornness, self-blame, disharmony, fixation on old pain

Treatment of Psychosomatic Diseases by Zhikarentsev

The treatment of psychosomatics should start with self-acceptance and addressing the thought that led to the disease. Then, it is necessary to develop a plan to work on perception. You need to get rid of negative attitudes, remove the irritant cause from your life, and become the creator of your own destiny. Zhikarentsev’s affirmations from the disease table and general positive statements will help:

  • My life is beautiful.
  • I am loved and I love.
  • I deserve the best.
  • I achieve the desired heights.
  • The universe supports me.
  • I am strong and brave.
  • I am safe.
  • I accept myself.
  • I am open to new discoveries.
  • My mind is free and clear.

Repeat them twice daily, but don’t forget about a holistic approach. Self-suggestion alone is not enough; you need to act and change your life. Perceive every situation as an experience, a lesson, an opportunity for personal growth. Learn to analyze situations and find prospects even in unpleasant circumstances.

When you feel like giving up, when apathy towards life arises, go to the forest. In such moments, it is important to connect with nature. Breathe fresh air and try to understand your subconscious.

It’s important! The path to health and happiness lies through mastering your mind. It is necessary to be able to relax, let go of thoughts, and transform negative emotions into positive ones.

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